The Foolproof Sangria

fool proof sangria

About three weeks ago I hosted a brunch at my apartment.  I will blog about that at a later date – when I have the pictures uploaded off of my camera.  In the meantime, though, I will tell you about my new fool proof method of making sangria.

I figured this out at my graduation party this year.  We ran out of the fabulous sangria that my Aunt Lisa had made and I had to make more on the spot, so I looked around the kitchen and threw a few things together.  I’ve got to admit, it turned out just as good as the first batch.

Now, this recipe is not concise, precise or any other type of exact measurement.  So hopefully you’re okay with guestimating (which I became a pro at during my high school and college careers).

Key Ingredients:

  • Wine
  • Fruit
  • Hard Liquor
  • Something Bubbly and Non-alcoholic (or I guess alcoholic)

The wine should be something cheap.  A cheap bottle.  Something on sale.  Out of a box.  It doesn’t matter.  Red or white, whichever you prefer.

The fruit should be whatever you like – try lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, peaches, etc.  Any combination of things that you like.

The hard liquor can really be anything, but I suggest something fruity – maybe a peache schnapps – or something strong – like brandy.

Something bubbly.  Anything bubbly.  Bubbly water, sparkling cider, seltzer water, fruity izzy beverages, etc.  Go to Whole Foods and see what they’ve got.  That beverage aisle is insane.

Cut up the fruit.  Pour the wine in.  Add the hard liquor.  Put it in the fridge a few hours before the party.  Right before the party add in the cold bubbly beverage to make sure that it doesn’t lose carbonation.  It’s as simple as that.  Try out your favorite flavors of everything and experiment.  Who knows, maybe this will turn into a “Make Your Own Sangria Bar”.

Wow.  I really like this idea.

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  • ChrystinaNoel

    I figured some general ratios might be helpful. This is what I think about while I sleep. Equal parts wine and sparkling beverage. Approximately three shots if hard liquor per bottle of wine. And as much fruit as you want, sliced or dices any way you’d like. And to be extra fancy, try pouring it over shaved ice. That’s what Aunt Lisa did… and it was pretty snazzy. Have a good day!