Top 10 Reasons to Send Greeting Cards

I came across an article recently on the 10 top reasons to send greeting cards. ( I wanted to share the list with all of you because it’s so simple and makes so much sense.

1. Birthday
2. Holiday
3. You’re in love
4. Someone’s getting married
5. Get well
6. You’re sorry
7. Thinking of you
8. Congratulations
9. Symnpathies
10. Anniversaries

Isn’t it ridiculous that they can cut out “holidays” in one quick swoop and then it’s over with? Holidays are the reason that most people send cards – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patricks Day (in that order, thank you Look at all of the other great opportunities to send cards. Alright, well some of them are not so great – you hope to not have to be sorry more than once a year – but, hey, it happens. Next time you come across any of these situations, ask yourself if it’s appropriate to send a follow up note or thank you card. No pressure, it’s just a nice thing to do 🙂

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  • Great list! I hadn’t thought about it before, but this is really helpful.