Dining Etiquette

dining etiquette

In addition to hearing a little bit more about what to wear in a corporate setting at my training, I also took (another) dining etiquette class.  I had the privilege of getting to hear a little bit more about dining etiquette from Laura Katen, Deborah Goldstein and Jeannette Dunn from Katen Consulting.  (Check it out: http://www.katenconsulting.com/) Most of the discussion focused around corporate dining; however all of these skills are transferable to dates and meals with friends and family.  Here were some of the major takeaways from the affair:

How to be classy while dressed to impress.
(alright, this was not a takeaway from the affair, this just my awesome senior design team)

If you are the GUEST:

  • Wait until the host arrives before sitting at the table
  • Be aware of how fast people are eating and set your pace accordingly

 If you are the HOST:

  • Drop hints about what types of food your guests should be ordering so that they don’t have the awkward “how much money should I be spending” debate while choosing their meal
  • Unless you know your audience well, avoid potential “awkward situations” such as a tapas or family style meal

If you are either the HOST or a GUEST:

  • When you get up to leave the table during the meal, your napkin should be placed on your chair.
  • When you get up to leave at the end of a meal, your napkin should be placed on the table.
  • Research the restaurant beforehand to make sure that you understand the menu.
  • The proper time to pick up your napkin is when everybody has seated themselves at the table.
  • Don’t hold a wine glass by the bulby-part, hold it by the stem or bottom.  (Clearly this was not written like this the first time.)

Finally, if you ever see somebody that you know and want to go say hi to them – instead of getting into an awkward situation where they other person may not remember you – mention where you know them from so that things are less awkward.  For example, “Hey, Lisa, how have you been since training in New York?”

These are some great tips, good luck remembering them all… it was great to meet the lovely ladies of Katen Consulting, thank you for everything!  Remember, practice makes perfect, and Bon Appetit!

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