West Elm Does Wine and Cheese Parties

While I try to find the time to sort through my hundreds of pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to make some pretty epic photo collages, please enjoy this next post about my most recent find from West Elm, maybe I’ll move this to my birthday list now.

My mother claimed that I am difficult to buy Christmas gifts for.  I think she is wrong – incredibly, INCREDIBLY wrong.  A girl with so many hobbies cannot be difficult to buy gifts for – because you can always buy something to support her hobby.  And look at all the things you have to choose from – greeting cards, party hosting, house decorating, baking… so many options.  I tried explaining this to my mother one day after I visited West Elm, which, if you haven’t been in – is quite possibly the most addicting homewares store I’ve ever been in.  I told her I would buy almost everything in west elm for myself if I had the cash to do it.  But there was one item in particular that I am still INCREDIBLY in love with: the slate and wood boards for wine and cheese parties.

So in love.

From there I found that West Elm now has a section that helps you plan wine and cheese parties and they have this incredibly helpful “pairings chart”, which I transformed to a jpg to get it up on this website and so that I don’t lose it when that’s not “in season” anymore (I hope they don’t mind!), but it’s incredibly helpful for pairing cheeses with “toppings” and side dishes.

There’s also a guide with some helpful cheese hints and some advice for setting the scene.

I also learned two helpful tips this week from my friend Carly’s friend Megan who works at a winery:

  1. Wine can never be sweet, it’s always fruity.  (I think because there’s no sugar used in the process.)
  2. If you’re doing a tasting, you taste from sweet white wines to dry white wines to dry red wines to sweet red wines so that you don’t overwhelm your taste buds from the beginning.

Now I just need to find some time to host another wine and cheese party.

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  • Claire M.

    I LOVE THIS. Those slate/wood plates look amazing.