There’s something pretty awesome about doing things on your own.

Yes, usually I write about hosting parties and greeting cards, but today I want to share with you something that I’ve been doing that I’m trying really hard to make part of my life – doing what I want to do.  Not in the “my way or the highway” sense, but more in the “not following the crowd” sense.  In the past month, there have been 4 events that I’ve wanted to go to that I spoke out about and I was able to make them all happen.  It didn’t matter if other people were interested (though it was nice in some cases that they were), I was prepared to go alone because it was what I wanted to do, and there wasn’t a point in sitting around and waiting.  Let me share these four experiences with you.

1.  Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus Concert, a cabaret night

Link to Picture

What an epic concert.  They were dressed a little… more… raunchy?  Than that.  The music was great.  The personalities were INCREIDBLE and it was just a joy to be in the audience.  I can’t wait to be a more regular audience member for these guys.

2.  Varsity Vocals ICCA Quarter Finals, an a cappella competition

8 to the Bar, Drexel’s all-male a cappella group – who made it to the semi finals!!
Check out their website to listen to them: http:www//
(which is also where the picture came from)

The TrebleMakers also performed at the ICCAs – I was majorly impressed with their choreography at the same time as singing skills.  Check out their website for music as well:
(which is also where the picture’s from)

3.  Cirque de Soleil, Quidam

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One of the best Cirque de Soleil shows that I’ve seen to date.  The music was awesome – and the acts were incredible.

4.  Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven’s Last Night

 Link to Picture

 The TSO concert was absolutely incredible.  I’d never heard the Beethoven’s Last Night album, so the story was entirely new to me (which was awesome), and they’re SO talented.

I also decided that I want to hear the vocalists play singing tag with the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.  To the point where I tweeted them.  I was hoping they would have responded.


  • I would have happily gone with you to any of these, especially the A Cappella contest!! That sound like a perfect nights entertainment to me :o) xx Glad to hear you’re you are not following the masses and following your own heart in life, it makes for as much more interesting world , I think x

    • ChrystinaNoel

      I’m actually going to the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) Semifinals next weekend, I’ll let you know if there’s any incredible groups that you should check out. I’m excited for a night of awesome singers… I always leave floating on a cloud 🙂

  • These sound like really fun outings! Good for you for doing what you really wanted to do and not waiting for anyone else to be interested too! Way to go!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Thanks!!! I’m looking forward to keeping this up throughout 2012 🙂

  • I am so on board with this! There was this one time when I was young, I had the opportunity to go to Wango Tango (Ricky Martin, the women who re-did Lady Marmalade, the Bee Gees and others were performing). I’d always wanted to go to this event but I never could for some reason or another. Then: a family friend’s daughter got a free ticket at school but none of her friends were going so he offered it to me. The catch was: I had to go alone. My choice was go alone or never get to go. I went. I’m so glad I did! It’s better to go alone than to miss out!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Wango Tango sounds pretty incredible. What a variety of artists, I love it. I’m so glad for you too – I love when things like that happen 🙂

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Jamie. I had no idea this was even you. I see you’re doing some blog reworking :)… lab runway. I like it 🙂
      I went over to the blog to check out who was visiting my site… and then I figured it out. Awesome.
      Happy Friday 🙂