Writing Greeting Cards, What to Say and How to say It

So here I sit in an airport again, New Orleans airport. I’ve got some time to kill, so I figured I’d write you all a post about something I’ve been wanting to share with you.


This week my friend, Sarah, Facebook messages me to ask if I had any tips about what to write in a care package card for a friend whose boyfriend recently dumped her out of the blue and she’s 1000s of miles from home. Here were some of my answers:

(and yes, this works for males and females, but I’m going to stick to talking about females for simplicity’s sake)

* be conversational so that she feels like she has a friend there with her as she’s reading it

* be honest, I mean, that really stinks, so why can’t you say that to her? She’ll probably appreciate knowing that you’re empathizing with her (sympathizing?). I have a friend who recently lost two of her grandparents (in the past 2 months) and one of the things she posted on Facebook was “this is a sucktastic year so far” …and you know what, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

* mention things that make her happy, for instance if you know she really likes bubble teas or movies or flea market shopping or playing basketball or racecar driving, tell her to do some of those things

* be there for her, via phone, via email, via text, via twitter, etc, etc, etc

Now, maybe most of these things are obvious (like the last one), but I don’t think enough people take advantage of using conversational tones in greeting cards. I think it definitely helps getting the point across.

What would you have written?

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  • what a coincidence that i have to write one tomorrow! good post!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Thanks!! Hope this comes in handy!

  • So fun seeing the photo of your luggage, it’s like I’m right there at the airport with you! It makes me want to go somewhere. 🙂
    I love this post Chrystina! I often find myself stumped on what to write on a postcard, especially in difficult situations. You made great points and shows where the focus should be – on making the other person feel like they have a friend right there with them.

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Thanks!! You should absolutely travel somewhere 🙂 – – so much fun. I’ve been thinking about a real vacation myself. So many possibilities!

  • Virginia L.

    I can’t think of anything better than what you had suggested (Dear Abbey!!).!