west elm mugs

I should know this by now.  Actually, worse off, I DO know this by now, but I still keep walking in.  It’s always something – napkin rings, napkins, plates… well, yesterday it was mugs.  They’re SO adorable.  I was on the phone with Kristine.  Kristine told me I didn’t need anymore mugs because I have so many and that’s a really popular gift so I’ll probably get MORE mugs.  But these are so cute.  And patterned.  And they were on sale.  AND I don’t have any in this size yet.  And that makes it okay.  Right?

What’s the store that you always walk out with something in your hand?


  1. Virginia L. says

    It’s funny…I have been looking at household objects a lot lately! I found the images in Pinterest mesmerizing! The design and colors always intrigue me! These mugs are perfect it their shape and size!! Love them! GOOD buy!

    • ChrystinaNoel says

      Thanks!! And you’re right – Pinterest is a bad influence… in the best way possible :)

  2. says

    Those are all good reasons for buying the mugs! And they are so cute!
    I haven’t had the chance to go into a West Elm yet, but I love looking at their stuff on-line. I imagine that when I visit a store, I will definitely have to buy a little something!

    • ChrystinaNoel says

      I’m currently apartment shopping and I keep needing to make sure that whatever kitchen I end up with has enough room for allllll of my lovely mugs :) definitely a challenge in a city…

  3. jaibee says

    I’ve been resisting those mugs since before they went on sale. There’s matching saucers too, ya know ;)


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