Blogging Makes Me Happy

This sounds like a stupid title.  I get that.  But I really can’t explain how happy blogging makes me.  I get to write about whatever I want.  All things that I love – from design to photographs to cooking to parties to random tidbits of information that I learned throughout the course of the week.  I get to archive how my life is going.  I get to talk to some REALLY awesome people and “meet” people from all over the world.  Not only do I get to connect with them on my blog… and their blogs… I’ve even been emailing some of them.  Whenever I go over and check out another person’s blog and then later find out they commented on mine, I get even MORE excited – it’s like my own little home away from home, and I love sharing it with all of you.

Yes, I understand that it sounds like I’m on happy pills.  And in all fairness I’ve spent at least 5 hours today reading blogs… without my glasses on… and it’s now 1:00am, so everything’s a little bit blurry…. and fuzzy.  But it really does make me this happy.

Yesterday I had +80 views from 7 different countries.  And it’s not the fact that I need the numbers to go up, it’s that I’m so excited that so many people have an interest in the same things I do.  Why is this important you ask?  It might be because I spend most of my days with people who just humor me when I talk about color combinations and hosting parties and not actually loving them themselves.  (Dear Co-Workers, Please don’t stop humoring me, I would be sad.  Love, Chrystina) There ARE other people in the world like me.

Now that that’s over, I wanted to share with you my four most fun links that I found today through reading blogs.  (And I’m sorry that I can’t exactly remember how I found each of these, I’ll try harder next time.)

This man blew my mind.
I really want to try this with my hair (although I’m sure my hair won’t take nearly as long to get to ‘hot mess’.
I really feel like this could solve some of my problems at work, and you can do it all in under 2 minutes.
I want these bathing suits, yes all of them, but mainly this one.

Thanks everybody for being so awesome.  Have a great Sunday.

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  • I understand exactly what you mean I love the fact that I’m getting to talk to people from all over the world. I especially appreciate your visits and great comments you leave – I never would have thought my blog would have been of interest to a 20 something girl from the US. I love the perspective you add, you make me remember a younger time and give me a glimpse into what life will be like with my daughters in the not-to-distant future.

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Psssh, we’ve got plenty in common 🙂 addicted to blogging, plenty of loved ones who put up with us blogging about them, crying too much, a love of Michael Buble… etc etc

      I love commenting on your blog!! Your conversational tone makes me feel like it’s my turn to talk!! Always glad to add some perspective – thanks for providing such great topics to talk about!

  • Virginia L.

    I so GET what you mean about blogging!! It is highly addictive and there is no known cure at this point–at least for me! Thanks for sharing the fun links!!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      SO addictive. I keep finding that I think about things in TERMS of blogging. The amount of times a week I say “oh, I can blog about this…” blows my mind…


  • i can totally relate to your blogging feelings! heck, i am happy to see even just 3 visits on my blog on any day 😀 for me it’s the whole thought that there are like-minded and like-hearted souls out there and maybe in some little way i am able to brighten up a day. i love getting your comments! although i haven’t had time to respond to each one i read every bit and i will reply no matter how late! 😀

    the gantt chart link caught my organizational freak self but no, i have too many organization apps across all my gadgets! but yes, the gantt chart can really smoothen project schedules out – in my old office we used to make them manually in Excel — revising was a torment though.

    i super-love the swimwear and two thumbs up on your favorite!


    • ChrystinaNoel

      I love reading your blog!! And of COURSE you brighten up my day. No rush on responding… I’ll be around 🙂