Our Visit to Sofitel’s Restaurant, Liberte Urban Chic Lounge

A few weeks ago, my friends Arny, Jenn and I went to check out a restaurant in Philadelphia called Liberte Urban Chic Lounge in the Sofitel Hotel in Philadelphia.  This wasn’t just any adventure, Arny knew the pastry chef, so we went to pay him a visit!  Unfortunately, he was in a meeting during our visit, but he did supply us some pretty spectacular pastries.  One was a mango dessert with tapioca pearls on the bottom!  And the decor of the restaurant was pretty awesome as well – very urban chic (what a fitting lounge name, huh?)  As for my restaurant review, it was really good – I wasn’t thrilled with the portion sizes, but by far, the desserts were by far the best part!

Check it out – –

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  • Omg that food looks soo goooooooddd…Im really glad I happened to be eating when I saw this post!

  • Wow, the pastries looked amazing, I’m glad I don’t know any pastry chef or I’d be the size of an Elephant by now!! xx