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I don’t know that I’ve told you about my new singing adventure yet (if I have, you’ll just have to listen again, sorry) – the Baton Rouge Chorus. A Chorus out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana of approximately 30 women who sing barbershop music. Yes, barbershop music. I am a 23-year-old singing barbershop music… and it is awesome. I sing the bass part – the lowest part they’ll give me… and I love it. I recently had my first “dress up” concert with them at Louisiana State University. This was my first time performing in costume with them and it was an EXPERIENCE. I wanted to share it with you all. It’s pretty epic.

First of all, I want to say that I absolutely adore every one of these ladies – they’re making my Louisiana adventure a million times better. Between the stories that everybody has, the witty sarcastic moments during rehearsal, their southern hospitality and kind hearts…. the walking like a Swede, the retreat talent show, and the “guzentas”… I’ve had an absolute blast.

Second of all, I want to say that I couldn’t have made it through getting ready for this concert without all of their support – seriously. Borrowed Gloria’s eye shadow, Kristina’s eyeliner, Patty helped me put the eyeliner on, Cindy’s sponge, Gloria powdering my face, Wendy’s lip liner, Jane’s lipstick/blush, and Cate’s shoes. (You will all be happy to know that I bought eyeliner, sponges, and lip liner this weekend. I also remembered to pack my lipstick.)

I know, I know – I stink at being a female. I’m an engineer, what do you want from me? (I love when I get to pull that card.)

Here’s the Baton Rouge Chorus Makeup Saga. I decided I was going to write this blog post early on in this process, hence the ridiculous faces. I also decided the classiness of the final picture cancels out all of the ridiculousness of the other pictures, which is why I feel okay sharing them all on here. (Oh, and the face in the blush picture can be explained by the fact that it looked like war makeup to me…)

Not too shabby, huh?

I’ve got to say, overall the chorus looked pretty gosh darn incredible… and sounded pretty incredible. Can’t wait to perform with these ladies in the Regional Competition this weekend!!!

And in case anybody was wondering. That awesome pig is our Chorus’s piggy bank named Mere Cash which has been used to raise money all year. Brought to you by Donna R.

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  • Aww this is super cuteeeeee! Also we should go on a makeup quest!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Hahaha – I totally approve of this. We’ll need to start at the very beginning though. (a very good place to start….)

  • Chrystina, this sounds like so much fun! And you look beautiful!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Thanks!!! It’s a blast 🙂

  • Donna Hathorn

    So happy you did not show me with my Burt eyebrows. I did not have my glasses on when I applied it. After I put on my glasses, I was shocked!

    • ChrystinaNoel

      Hahaha – it probably looked awesome from the audience though 🙂

  • Violet Fierce

    LOVE your final pic! also…this is totally off-base and I apologize, but is it weird that I thought of wearing that Silver-jeweled top without anything underneath??? blasphemy, I know.

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  • Hello! I’m here via Chasing Joy’s Flashback Friday. I think it’s awesome that you’re in an all-female barbershop quartet, and I loved reading about your first performance with them. The make-up progress photos are hilarious too!