Easter “Egg” Hunts

Yesterday was Easter. This year it was at my house with so so so much food (which really shouldn’t surprise anybody who read the Christmas posts). My friend Carly came home with me for the holiday since she wasn’t able to make it back to her house. Carly and I know each other from my glorious days of RA-ing. We spent Saturday exploring CT because she had never been before (which there will be a blog post about later this week). Then Saturday night my mom asked me if I wanted her to hide the Hershey’s kisses around the house like she always does. I of course said YES.

The next morning all of the kisses were hidden and I told Carly about our adventure. She was so excited! My mother’s commented that “the people at work are never going to believe that I hid Hershey’s kisses for girls in their 20s”.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of things like this.

My sister, Carly and I competed. Three different colors of kisses, 15 of each, hidden in 7 different rooms, GO!

I ended up coming in first, Carly came in second and (somehow) my sister came in third… strange.



Do you have any fun Easter traditions?


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