When Social Media Collides and Blows Your Mind

Over the course of the past week, there have been three major instances in which social media has sort of blown my mind.  The first/biggest/best was that on Saturday I was mentioned in a tweet by Janine from Shambolic Living saying “I made them”.  There was only one thing she could have been talking about, s’mores.  A few weeks ago I posted a picture of s’mores on instagram, she questioned what they were, then I did a post on mass producing s’mores and then she made them – and SHE did a blog post about itTotally worth reading.

I’m pretty impressed.  Without graham crackers, without Hershey’s chocolate and with funny shaped marshmallows they look pretty awesome.  In order to get her family’s response, you’ll have to read her post.

Now, just when this situation couldn’t get any more ridiculous – my worlds collided.  You see, I posted about this on Facebook, because I just thought it was so epic – and my dad found it.  So my dad read the article and then left a 303 word comment.  My mind was blown.  I became REALLY red in the face in the privacy of my own hotel room and felt embarassed from head to toe.  My dad had enterred my world and then he bragged about me.  I know, I know – it doesn’t sound that bad – it sounds nice even – and really I am grateful for it, but it was just sort of that situation where you’re leaving the car in middle school and your parent rolls down the window and yells “I love you honey, pick you up after school for cello lessons”.  Bright red.  Sigh, only parents can come up with a way to embarass you from 1,448 miles away.  (I really do love my father.  And this is really just my dad being my dad.  Sometimes it still blows my mind though.)

Now that I’m done with that rant.  Two other instances this weekend –

I went to the New Orleans Jazz Festival this weekend.  I was so capitvated by the concept of “music festival” because I’ve never been to one that I really didn’t even have time to focus on “Jazz Festival”.  So I guess this just means I’ll have to try it again next year.  Anyway, I checked out Frenchmen Street on Friday night and there were just SO many hipsters.  Not a bad thing – I just felt very out of place, so I tweeted, “It’s official, I’m not hipster enough for Frenchmen Street.”  Saturday morning, I awoke to find this:

How awesome is that?

The final social media mind blowing was that I posted this picture on Twitter.  It’s me in my new Shine Project shirt.  The Shine Project was created by and is run by Ashley – it’s a great site, you should totally check it out.  I liked what I saw, I went to the store, I saw the shirts, I thought they were adorable and inspirational.  (I ordered a small, just for size reference in case you decide to buy one.)  I was so excited when I put it on that I wanted her to know – so that’s why I tweeted the picture.

Ashley retweeted it, and another girl retweeted that she wanted to buy the shirt!  Spreading the good news/good word.  I love it.

I’m not sure the internet will ever stop blowing my mind.

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  • I can certainly feel the social media around us is exploding by the minute…or sec. Glad they are all happy things and that your Dad did the thing that any proud Dad would do (as a proud mom myself, I get where he is coming from)! What a SWEET comment he wrote though 🙂 Love your s’mores and T shirt!

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  • Tim

    Hi, I’m Molly’s son. She sent me a link to your blog, I stumbled upon this and had to leave a comment. Now, I know in our media saturated world the phrase “laugh out loud” gets thrown around a lot, and that may have diminished some of its significance. So let me say, this made me laugh out loud, with undiminished significance. And not, of course in a ‘laughing at you’ sort of way, but in a, ‘I completely sympathize’ sort of way. All growing up, my dad was a non stop source of unintended absolute embarisment. The instance that was brought to mind, that I had all but forgotten about, was a time I was being dropped off for school. Now, I love the song ‘In the Jungle,’ and The Nylons do the best version. It’s acapella, and sounds amazing. I’m an adult and can admit that openly now, but as a sixteen year old, I was a little shy about it. So we’re on our way in to school, my buddy Johnathan was car pooling with us, and ‘In the Jungle,’ The Nylons version comes on. My dad, knowing how much I like the song, and being half deaf him self, turns it up loud enough to risk the structural integrity of the car. My face turned, I’m sure, every shade of red, and my body tried as best it could to abandon my consciousness, and I panicked and froze. This was most unfortunate, seeing as how the timing of the song put me opening the car door just as they sang the hook that ends in, “aweeee uuuummmm bummm bawayy” (if you listen to the song, you can’t miss it). Every single kid that was standing around the drop off area stopped what they were doing, and just stared. My dad, clueless as ever just smiled at me and said he would be there to pick me up after school. He drove off, Johnathan said, “dude, what’s wrong with your dad?” I had no response.
    So anyways, yea, I can symphysis. But seriously, is parental love that blinding? I guess it is.

    • Oh no (she said while shaking her head, covering her eyes, and (actually) laughing out loud) – I can only imagine. Maybe one day parental love will make sense, but for right now – you ask a very good question. Thanks for reading along 🙂 I hope it made your Sunday afternoon more enjoyable 🙂