I don’t normally post two posts a day, let along two posts in an hour, but I was inspired.

This post has been inspired by Elise and Danielle.

Currently I am…

loving my new short hair
with continually retrimming/recutting my hair since I cut it myself (yes)
thai iced tea
looking forward to getting rid of clothes I don’t/shouldn’t wear
excited about reading the new magazine I bought, Average
grateful for long emails from my new friend Evan
captivated by How Hollywood Says I Love You
listening to Sara Bareilles’s King of Anything
watching Modern Family season one
thinking about the big work changes that are going to be taking place
thrilled about the new business cards that just arrived
wishing I had time to start journaling
addicted to instagram
planning a vacation
hoping to sort out my living situation soon
making my bucket list for (probably) my last week in Louisiana for a while
anticipating next week’s blog conference
very thankful for my friends


    • says

      So far I’ve only had to re-dye the red once, and I think I’m going to switch to box dyes soon because it’s cheaper. As for the cut, I think I’m going to touch it up every day after I get out of the shower – mostly because I think it’s fun. :)

  1. says

    ooooh!! love the hair!! that red looks fabulous on you! i just got rid of some old clothes today myself… and i love that sara bareilles song… oh, and i love elise… okay, that’s it. for now.

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