Supporting “Free”

Months ago when I started perusing blogs I came across Sister Diane’s Blog called Crafty Pod.  Each month she does a post about how she “supports free”.  This means that she takes her favorite blogs and online shops that she follows and either buys something or donates money – she gets something awesome AND she gets to support free.  She does this every month.  This is something that I’ve really wanted to get involved in but I know that I don’t have the commitment to do it once a month.  However, here are a few ways that I’ve supported “free” in the past few months.

Stamps from Purple Onion Designs

I don’t even really remember how I found them, but once I did I knew I needed to buy a set.  My favorite part of the package I recieved was the hand written note in purple pen and an extra stamp!!  Now, I can’t tell you which ones I bought because I also bought them as a gift for somebody else – but I will share with you another that I find to be particuarly awesome. 

Joy the Baker’s first cookbook

Now, I admit – I’m not that big of a cook, but I love the fact that each one of her recipes starts with a paragraph on its meaning to her (almost like a mini blog post!) and that there’s so much passion poured into those pages.  I bought three copies – one for me and two for friends.  Now I just need to be home long enough to actually cook something from it…

Washi tape

I finally did it, I bought washi tape.  I was reading Elise’s blog one day and she was saying that there was a discount on washi tape at Freckled Fawn and I decided that was my time to jump in, I was pretty excited about finally buying some – and I love the ones that I picked.  Now I just need to find time to be crafty to use them… sense a pattern?


Shine Project t-shirt

So, you’ve probably all seen this already from one of my other posts, but I bought a t-shirt to support the Shine Project, (1) because it is for a great cause, (2) because it’s a genuinely really cute shirt, and (3) because it says something awesome on it.  I absolutely love it.

Flower from PoleCat Pinups

So this one wasn’t really supporting free – but it was supporting crafty businesses.  I went to brunch in New Orleans at jazz fest at a place called The Blue Plate (awesome food) and our waitress, Erin, had this AWESOME flower in her hair.  I commented on it and she told me she made it herself and the shop down the road called Retroactive sells them.  I left brunch and immediately went to go buy one – it’s awesome.  And I found out in the mean time, I found out through her Facebook page that she’s also a pole dancing instructor.  Pretty much made my day – hopefully I’ll get a chance to take a class next time I’m in New Orleans 🙂

Alright – I’ll work on getting a picture of this one, but right now I’m in Baton Rouge and the flower is in Philadelphia, so stay tuned for this picture in a later post. 


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  • DG

    Thank you so much for supporting your community, Chrystina! I know that every single crafter you’ve reached out to here appreciated it so much. And your actions help bring about an environment that’s more sustainable for all of us. Bravo, You!

  • I like the T Shirt. It is cute and I like the saying.

    Great meeting you at #BBCPhilly