blogging buttons and sponsoring blogs

I created a new blog button!!  Well, two new blog buttons since the last time I posted about them, but you may have seen the update on the right-hand side of this blog about the other one.  Take a look!!

I’m trying really hard to pull the theme of the blog together.  I’ve decided that I really like these colorful flowers so I’m going to stick with it.  I also really like the cool color scheme that I’ve got going on.  It reminds me a lot of my sister’s bedspread in middle school (I’m sorry I have no visual to assist that – I’ve been doing that to you a lot lately, I’m sorry.). 

Anybody interested in trading blog buttons for a few months?


Also, I took the plunge this month, I decided to sponsor a blog for two months.  You can find my button over at Freckled Italian, writen by Megan.  How did I decide to do this?  Well, first of all, I admit that I am an impulse buyer.  Second of all, I kind of fell in love with Megan’s blog.  I like how she writes, I like what she writes about – “life according to a writing, cooking, running, working english bachelor(ette)”, I like that she did an entire vlog about Disney Princesses, I like that her thesis for her master’s program involves Disney Princesses, I like that her and Joelle from Something Charming set up a Lovely Letters penpal project through which I was matched with a penpal in South Africa named Nicole (so cool – more about that later) and I mean – she’s Italian.

So what have we learned?  I have a blog crush. 
Anyway, she’s lovely – you should probably go check out her page.


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  • Stefanie

    Hey! I stumbled upon your blog because we are both sponsors on Freckled Italian… Let me know if you are still interested in swapping buttons! Cute blog :)