A Beautiful Card from Virginia

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Virginia’s blog from Yes, Virginia.  She makes AWESOME cards, she’s on a design team (which for those of you who don’t know – my understanding is that it involves creating specific cards based on design challenges, specific products, or themes), and I think she’s more addicted to crafting supplies than I am (GASP).

She also posts about witty comments that her husband makes (which she features as What Is Dr. John Thinking) and about her two lovely kids (one of whom plays the cello – David and one of whom is an awesome photographer – Stephanie).

I think one of my favorite recaps of conversation of her daily life from her blog is this one…

On the advantage about stamping instead of skiing
David: My friend’s Dad got a concussion while skiing…
Virginia: That is too bad! See, that’s why it is BEST to stamp in the winter time. You can never injure yourself!
Stephanie: NOT true, you can still hurt yourself…
David: Yeah, …like paper cut!
Stephanie: Exacto knife!!
Virginia: Well, that’s the “risk” I am willing to take….
Dr. John: Paper trimmer!!!
Stephanie: Hot glue gun!…. And you can squish your hand in Cuttlebug!
David: And that blower dryer….
Virginia: Blow dryer!? Oh, you mean heat embossing tool (LOL)! It’s SAFE!
Dr. John: What if you emboss while you take a shower!!!!?? You can get electrocuted!


I won a giveaway on her blog and she sent me one of her homemade cards!  And some additional stickers!  (I love stickers.)  And she wrote a pretty awesome message inside 🙂

Thanks, Virginia!!

Look at her attention to detail!!

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  • I am so glad that the card arrived safely and is resting nicely on your desk. Thank you so much for a recap of my post! Back in the days when I started blogging, I never think my post will make an impact on anyone. But your post really reminded me how connected we are! Thank you, my little sweet friend!

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