Hosting a Christmas in July Party

hosting a christmas in july party

For today’s post I’m sending you over to the lovely blog of Julia Black, black tag diaries.  She’s been hosting “how to” posts all week by lots of different bloggers while she’s on vacation (lucky girl!).  So go check out her page from the week, it’s been pretty awesome.  Here was her line up:

Link to Chrystina’s Post of How to Host a Christmas in July Party


Saturday (6/30): how to host a Christmas in July party by me

Friday: how to plan the perfect road trip by Kimberly

Thursday: Julia’s usual “Thankful Thursdays” post

Wednesday: how to make your own pizza for family pizza night by Lindsey

Tuesday: how to start your own business by Cami

Monday: how to: DIY vintage-looking photos in a jar by Heather

Sunday: how to declutter by Salena

Saturday (6/23): how to make homemade cinnamon rolls by Jaimie


PS.  Happy half birthday to me 🙂
PPS.  There probably needs to be some unspoken rule that if you know/have ever known me there’s a good chance your picture might end up on this blog.  Sorry :/

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