Currently How Life’s Been Going

Since I’ve been so MIA recently, I figured I would start back up again with a “currently” post to let y’all know what I’ve been up to recently.

falling in love with love: I have been reading romance novels, listening to love songs, and enjoying all of the intimate moments in life.  It’s been too long, and it feels good to be back.

using all of the food up in my fridge: My mission is to try not to buy anything else until most of it is gone.

proud of the Baton Rouge chorus: We pulled off a pretty incredible concert two weekends ago, I can’t wait to see the video from it.  We raised a lot of money for the food bank, and were able to get enough money to keep ourselves up and running for a while.

excited to take out my own trash: Long story, but I really can’t wait to go through my house tonight and purge absolutely as much stuff as possible.

praying for the folks down by the Gulf: After spending so much time in Louisiana, I feel kind of attached to lots of people and places down there.  If you could all say a prayer too, that’d be great, thanks.

sending handwritten letters: A lost art that I am very happy to be reviving.  Especially when you know the other person enjoys reading them just as much as you like writing them.

planning a trip to Europe: A friend and I decided this weekend that we want to go to Paris, and we’re dragging another friend along for the ride 🙂

listening to love songs: Specifically – Angel Eyes by Love and Theft and Tell Me That You Love Me by Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas

regretting not celebrating my 1 year blogging anniversary more: I can still fix this, but somehow things just got too crazy around August 10th to even consider celebrating.  Sad.

adoring these Disney aprons: Tory sent these to me this morning, I’m in love.  I’m considering buying the Cinderella one as part of a Halloween costume.

hoping to buy a window bench soon: Once I throw out the stuff around my house I don’t want, I’m buying a window bench.  There are currently only 2 seats for anyone to sit in in my living room and that is just not enough to throw a party.

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  • Happy to know your happenings! All good things! YAY for that!