Party Hosting Tips and Tricks

party hosting tips and trips

In case you missed out on the awesome things that we found while cleaning out Johanna’s and John’s office – you can find those things here and here.  Clearly I’ve spent a lot of time in this household over the course of the past week or so.  And last Sunday was their labor day/housewarming party, so I was over there again – along with 70 other people.  Here are some pictures and quick tips from the day.

01 – have a fun option on hand for those who aren’t drinking alcohol
This is a picture of tea brewing on the stove.  Fun fact – I completely overdosed on sweet tea.  7 glasses.  I was shaking on the car ride home.

02 – a unique way to make your party to-do list
Everything on the left door needed to be done.  Everything on the right door had been prepared.  When it was finally served she would move the post-it to the side of the cabinet.

03 – have reserves on hand
I found this bag in her dining room.

04 – look at this awesome peanut butter brownie cake she made
Seriously – look at those decorations on top.  It was so rich, but so good.  I think there was one piece that 7 of us made a dent in.  Lucky for you, I asked her where she got the recipe.

05 – cheese plate
Who can go wrong with a plateful of cheese?

06 – Ted and I make a pretty awesome broccoli salad. 
This is one of my favorite Johanna-usuals.  And this time we didn’t use bacon, which made it ever better.  I know, I know – it’s ridiculous that I don’t like bacon.  If you Google broccoli, red wine vinegar, mayonnaise, sugar, bacon – you’ll come up with something close, but I couldn’t find the exact recipe.  Oh, and please note the candy corn in the background – a great call by Johanna’s parents at the grocery store.  The candy corn probably didn’t help in my sweet tea overdose…

07 – the appetizer table
One thing that Johanna and John did that worked really well was that they spread the food out around the house.  The desserts were in the dining room.  The buffalo chicken dip was in the dining room.  The main entrees for dinner were on the kitchen island.  A bunch of appetizers were on the kitchen table.  More appetizers were in the family room.  The drinks were in the laundry room.  So everybody wasn’t stuck in the same area waiting in line.

08 – the dessert table
As I mentioned, it was located in the dining room.  And it was wonderful.

09 – a great way to serve beer
They filled the sink in the laundry room with ice and shoved a large variety of beer in there.  There was also plenty of extra down the basement.

Oh, and what did she do with all of the extra beer you had after the party?  Exactly what any other engineer would do with it…
(picture taken by Johanna herself, also she has informed me she’s still verifying the locations of the brews)

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