A Saved by the Bell Themed 30th Birthday Party

A Saved By The Bell-themed Birthday Party via Chrystina Noel

I take absolutely no credit for this, but I am honored to have awesome friends who come up with awesome themes like Saved By the Bell parties.  Noreen and Bill are always hosting themed parties.  Halloween parties, a Rocky Horror Picture Show party, Mickey Mouse themed birthday parties and more.  And they’re always a blast.  This is how Noreen celebrated her 30th Birthday.  I broke the awesomeness down into 4 major categories: desserts, quotes, theme, and tips and tricks.

Noreen, Jess, and Jen – all with homemade costumes!

The dessert table was epic.  There were references to Saved by the Bell all over the place.  Dessert burgers and fries from The Max.  There was old school candy.  And there were hot sundae cupcakes.

Nothing takes you back to Saved by the Bell like quotes from your favorite episodes.  They were all over the house.  Make sure to read through them to take you back to some of the best moments.  She also picked up a pack of 100 Saved by the Bell trading cards on ebay for $1.  (Noreen’s bargain hunting skills are incredible.)

She held to the theme so well.  There was a room decorated for a Bayside pep rally.  There were heart necklace cutouts  (5 points if you can name what episode they’re from).  Noreen and Bill wore pennies that said husband and wife.  There were “caffeine pills” on the dessert table (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you clearly did not watch enough Saved by the Bell).    Saved by the Bell played in the background, and towards the end of the evening they watched the final movie where the crew goes to Vegas.  There’s so many little details that pull the story together.

Source: http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2012/08/tiffani-thiessen-tells-us-her.html

There was a box of last minute costumes for guests who didn’t have time to make a costume/aren’t good at putting together extravagant costumes.  This box included a lot of “geek glasses” and 90s accessories.  There was also a character list just in case it was needed for reference.  Also, there were little bags so you could take some dessert with you when you left.  (What a great way to not have a bazillion left overs.)


What’s your favorite part of this whole shabang?

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  • Your party looked like it was a lot of fun! I loved Save by the Bell. I had a crush on Mario Lopez, even with the mullet lol . Stopping by from Chasing Joy Flashback Friday.

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  • This looks like a fun party. I appreciate the attention to detail.

    Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday