Things I Believe In

things I believe in

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Jenni’s blog that talked about things she believed in.  After I read it, I left myself a post-it note to remind myself to think about exactly what it is that I believe in.

I’m currently on a flight to Seattle to visit one of my really good friends from college.  It’s a four hour flight from Houston to Seattle – I finally have time to think.  I know this is a long post – so feel free to just skim through the bold words, but I’ve got to tell you – I think there’s some pretty good stuff in my blurbs too.  (Note: blurbs is a funny word)  So, what exactly is it that I believe in?

This doesn’t really summarize what I’m trying to say.  Sure, I go to church, I believe in God, I believe in being nice to your neighbor.  But really, I think that there are small miracles everywhere that we just need to keep our eyes open to see.

People have good hearts
I will think the absolute best in every situation about people until proven wrong.  Even then, I’ll justify it to a fault.  As much as sometimes that “fault” stinks, I hope this is something that never changes about me.

Buying gifts for no good reason
If I see something that reminds me of somebody, usually I buy it.  No occasion needed.

Staying in touch with people
This includes people from 4th grade, people from 10th grade, co-workers from internships, church folks, choir folks, people I meet in airports, people I meet on trains; anyone and everyone I’ve ever thought was a good conversation I make an effort to stay in touch with.

Singing makes everything better
Had a crappy day?  Turn on some music and sing to it.  Had an awesome day?  Turn on your favorite song, sing to it, and all of a sudden your day’s even better than when it started.  I have my go to list of songs if I’m just feeling “blech” – and I admit, it usually starts with some High School Musical.  Or Eminem.

Keeping air freshener in your bathroom
I just think that this makes things easier for everybody.

Following cravings
If I want a buffalo chicken calzone and it is within any means for me to get it – it will happen.  This goes for me, and anyone that I’m hanging out with in that moment.  (Note: I’m usually craving buffalo chicken calzones)

Dessert before dinner
If you’re craving dessert, eat dessert.  Otherwise you’re going to spend your entire dinner thinking about dessert and you’re not going to enjoy your dinner at all.

Snail mail
It’s just such a great feeling to get something in the mail.

A cappella refrains in church choir
94% of the time, it’s worth it.

A good hug can make all the difference in the world
No.  Really.  One of those arms wrapped so tightly around each other, so excited to see each other, never want to let go hugs.  I got one last night.  And thinking about it makes me grin from ear to ear.  Friends, more than friends, doesn’t matter.

There is no such thing as being old
I don’t think I’ve ever let anybody get away with saying that they’re old in front of me.  Granted, I’m only 23 right now – but there’s just so much cool stuff that comes with getting older that it’s hard to look at it in a bad way.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m allowed to make my own mistakes.  And the people in my life are exactly who I want them to be.  (Note: being old and people a “big people” are two different things, I’m also trying my hardest to avoid being a “big people”)

Asking questions
Even the awkward ones.  Because really – the other person can always say no.

Christmas music can be played all year
I’m definitely not one of those “must wait until after Thanksgiving” people.

Boy Meets World and Full House answer every life question
From Shawn solving Cory’s love life problems with a bag of jelly beans, to Mr. Feeny’s advice, to Aunt Becky explaining to DJ that she would know if either Viper or Nelson was really the one, to Kimmy Gibbler saying that the only three words you need to know in a foreign language are “boys”, “food”, and “bathroom” – there’s something for every situation.  (Note: I’m going to make an active effort to bring back the phrase “Oh my lanta” – I’m sad that it dropped out of my vocabulary a few years back.)

No such thing as too much television
I watched television for probably 6 hours a day growing up.  I still played sports.  I still did girl scouts.  I got straight A’s.  And you know what – I turned out fine.

Only eating good food
Every time my dad comes to visit me in Philadelphia and I pick the restaurant he always says something to the extent of “that was actually pretty good” after the meal.  I can’t figure out why he thinks I would eat bad food?  (Note: I recently surpassed my 200th restaurant in Philadelphia.  Crazy, huh?)

Kissing and telling
I feel far enough removed from most of my relationships to say this one.  As for future relationships – if a boy reads this far into my blog, I’ll be impressed.  I always kiss and tell.  I don’t tell everybody, just the select dozen or so – but I just love replaying moments, storytelling, and pulling people into that moment with you.  Such a great feeling.  Also – talking about it makes it more real and helps me decide how I feel about it.  And hey, what do I have to hide?

Telling the truth
I don’t lie.  I try really hard not to even omit the truth.  In all honesty, I tell too much of the truth too much of the time – not in an offending people’s feelings way, but in a get myself in trouble way.  I only remember one time I genuinely lied.  I drove to Old Saybrook in high school.  The rule was I couldn’t drive more than 20 miles from home.  Oops.  Phew, that feels good to say out loud though.

While I don’t really know what it means to believe in brunch, I know it’s true.  Saturdays and Sundays are made for brunch, and lucky me – I live in a place with an infinite amount of options.  Oh, and what’s better than brunch?  All you can drink brunch.  Helllo peach bellinis.

Sleeping with a teddy bear
Yes, I’m 23.  No shame.  Lonely nights.  Scary movies.  Lonely hotel rooms.  Scary hotel rooms.  You need somebody there with you.  My dad gave me a teddy bear when I was 18 as a Valentine’s Day gift.  His name is Mr. Caramel.  He’s kind of my favorite.

I hope that you learned something about me.  To be honest I learned a lot about myself in this process, which is why I went out of my way to write a post-it to myself.  I learned that most of my life can be broken down into three categories: people, music, and food.  And you know what – that’s totally okay with me.

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  • Great list! Will be giving some thought to what I believe in. 200 restaurants, that’s impressive!

  • jaibee

    I sleep with a teddy bear my dad gave me when I was 8… no shame.

  • Donna Bari

    I must say, you are one of the most delightful individuals I have ever met. This was a truly insightful blog entry. It explains a lot

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  • I love this. I’m going to do a What do I believe post too. I also believe in sleeping with teddy bears 🙂

  • alisonhector

    Like Chasing Joy, I’m going to do a “what I believe” post this week. And I also believe in sleeping with teddy bears! Pink Panther to the world! ROTF!

    • I’m really excited that so many people believe in sleeping with teddy bears. Thanks for stopping by and I’m excited to see your post – it was a lot of fun to do, enjoy!!

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