The New Year’s Eve Photoshoot

Since the last two posts were talking about these grandiose ideas and life missions and learning to be happy – I figured it was about time I off-set that with something a little bit more fun.  In the last post I teased all of you with a singular picture from mine and Jai’s photoshoot – the happy 2013 picture.  Why would you want to stop at one picture when you can look at 12 pictures of how adorable we are?  I know, I know – you’re thinking to yourself – but Chrystina, you said you were going to stop posting photography on this site.  This is just too much fun to pass up.  By the end of the week photos from Atlanta and Paris should be up (I hope) – but I won’t bore you with those pictures over here.  Check it out.

Also, to any of you who know Jai, please note that I am sporting the Jai eyeliner.  She did it, not me.  I have to admit, it was pretty fun for an evening – I also have to admit that I’m positive that I couldn’t do it myself.

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