Two Mix CDs

I have made two mix CDs in the past few months that I’ve really fallen in love with – my annual Christmas Mix CD and an a cappella mix in honor of Pitch Perfect coming out.

I was really nervous about making the 2012 Christmas Mix because I LOVED my 2011 mix.  When I listened to it at the beginning of the season to get inspired, I thought to myself “oh crap, how am I going to beat this?”  Well, I don’t think that I beat it per se, but I do think I created a different vibe this year.   Also, to make the CD booklet more fun, I printed it on striped yellow paper.  (And of course I forgot to take a picture.)

Christmas Mix 2012 copy


The other mix CD that I made, as I said, was in honor of Pitch Perfect coming out.  Overall, I’ve got to tell you – I gave the movie a 4/10 – we can get into that more later if you want – the movie, not the music, the music was pretty good – sure, there was no way in heck that Riff Off would have actually happened in reality, but it was good.  However, it was something worth celebrating.  Please note that the Folgers Coffee Commercial by Rockapella makes it on the CD not once, but twice.  Also, I forgot to take a picture of this final product too.

2013, 01 07 a cappella mix


One of my favorite things about these mix CDs is putting all of the songs in the best order.  I think I spent 2 hours putting the Christmas mix in order and 90 minutes putting the a cappella mix in order.  This was after spending 5 weeks searching for songs for the Christmas mix and a week and a half looking for songs for the a cappella mix.

Unfortunately I was not able to find enough of any of these songs on any website – from Grooveshark, to Spotify, to YouTube, to iTunes.  So I’m pretty much just teasing you.  I bought 90% of it on iTunes though, so you should be able to find it there.

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