The Logistics of Running

In honor of running my first 5K – the Color Me Rad run that I signed up for in June, I’ve started training.  And by I’ve started training I mean that I told Luann that I was running a 5K and she looked at me, said that I need to train, wrote a bunch of dates on my calendar that we were going to go running together, and told me to buy real running shoes.  This is probably the most expensive piece of clothing/shoes I’ve bought since I bought Uggs sophomore year of college (yes, it was only $100).  These were also more expensive than 2/3 of the prom dresses that I wore.  Anyway, aren’t they pretty?

2013-03-10, ChrystinaNoel starts running, part 1

Actually, they fit like a dream, my feet don’t hurt in them, and they’re hot pink, so I’m doing pretty good.  So I found myself getting ready to run and I realized the thing about it that gives me the most agita are all of the logistics of it.

This is the first time I’ve had cool shoes, so that took care of that piece.  I don’t have real running clothes, so I had to make due with whatever I could find.  I wore this outfit with a soccer windbreaker jacket that I bought in 7th grade.

2013-03-10, ChrystinaNoel starts running, part 2

Now – do you wear long sleeves?  I need to find a sports bra.  Do I need a jacket?  You need to make sure you have some pockets though, right?  What about my keys where do those go?  Am I supposed to carry water?  Should I carry two bottles so that I work my arms out evenly?  I should bring headphones so I don’t get bored, right?  Where do I put them?  What if they fall out of my pocket?  I shouldn’t wear my good headphones because they might break, now I’ve got to find the crappy ones.  Does anybody else think this much?

This was the same problem I had with the SATs.  I could have bombed the SATs for all I cared (note: this is an exaggeration), but what if I couldn’t find the right building, or the right room, or I forgot an important piece of documentation to prove that I could really take the test, or I ran out of pencils or pens, or my calculator ran out of batteries, or I accidentally did something in the wrong order and got disqualified?  I could answer questions all day, but getting to the point where I could actually answer the questions was kind of a problem.

But anyway, this is how my shoes look on.  Pretty, huh?

2013-03-10, ChrystinaNoel starts running, part 3

Last weekend I “ran” 1.5 miles.  Saturday I “ran” 3 miles.  Sunday I “ran” 5 miles.  Please note, ran is in quotes because I have ran and half walked – I haven’t decided if this legitimately counts as running yet.  I keep asking people what they would count it as, they tell me running.  So I guess I ran 8 miles this weekend?  Crazy.

Also, I’ve learned that I am a much better runner when I have a destination.  Saturday we ran to a tag sale and Sunday we ran to get crepes (and then walked most of the way back).  I also need a buddy – someone to talk to – a reason to keep running.  Otherwise, I’d rather just be blogging.

We’ll see how this goes.  Hopefully I get over my fear of running logistics.  Am I just crazy or do people understand where I’m coming from?

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  • The thought of running makes me want to hurl. I only run towards food and away from villains. Wish I had your motivation! Love the shoes too.

    • Thank you, thank you! I think I only really run towards food too 🙂 – and when I’m late for public transportation…

  • Love the shoes! I might be more motivated to run if I had hot pink running shoes… 🙂 I hear you on the logistics, I’d have many of the same questions! Good luck with training!

  • I love that you’re running to crepes–definitely sounds like something I would do. Or maybe like something I did today (except I was thinking of a matcha Krispy Kreme donut haha).

    Are you doing the Couch to 5K program? I did that a few years ago, and then last year did the same for a 10K. I was amazed to go from hating running to enjoying it–I hope that’s how it goes for you! And remember, the shoes may have cost more than most of your prom dresses, but if you stick with it you’ll wear the shoes a lot more than you wore any of your dresses!

    • So very true about the wearing them more than my prom dresses. Also, I’m glad to hear you went to enjoying running – that means there’s hope for me. Especially if I keep running to crepes… although Krispy Kreme is another good option, I’m going to have to remember that 🙂