Fancy Birthday Party Ideas

fancy birthday party ideas

Last year Nida and Faraz (her husband and my ex coworker who wears really bright colored shirts) threw their daughter, Aida, an incredible first birthday party.  There were some great ideas from this party that I wanted to share with you today.

Also – I want to point out that I did ask if this birthday party was going to be a yearly thing, and the answer was that they wanted to go out all big for the first birthday party and then scale it back for the rest.  But I think Aida’s outfit made this whole thing worth it.  Check it out.

01 Aidas Birthday Party - Picture To Be Signed

This will be a great memory for Aida when she grows up, and I’m sure it looks great hanging in the house.

02 Aidas Birthday Party - Balloons As Center Pieces

Balloons are such a simple way to add some different height levels to the room.  And the best part is they come in so many colors that they’re sure to match the theme.

03 Aidas Birthday Party - Entertainment Ideas

This I thought was brilliant – a list of activities (I think it was for the kids… but I loved it anyway) – she had the photo signing, a photo booth, a caricaturist  and a face painter come for the first part of the party.  It was a really big hit.

04 Aidas Birthday Party - Pom Poms As Decorations

We made the pom poms.  Here‘s the tutorial that I watched.  They were super easy and make a big impact.

05 Aidas Birthday Party - DIY Cupcakes As Party Favors

Inside these boxes you will find an unfrosted cupcake, a small tube of frosting, and a little pouch of sprinkles.  What a great take home kit – for kids or adults.  Come on, who doesn’t like cupcake decorating?  Click here for a DIY Cupcake Box how-to on Nida’s website.

06 Aidas Birthday Party - Photobooth

Nida gave Faraz a few jobs – building this Photobooth was one of them.  And he did an awesome job.

06 Aidas Birthday Party - Photobooth Props

And look at how awesome these props are.

07 Aidas Birthday Party - Presents Table

I love the simplicity of this and how pretty the card box is.

08 Aidas Birthday Party - An Awesome Birthday Cake

Nida’s neighbor makes cakes.  She showed up with this cake.  The shoes on top match Aida’s shoes.  How adorable, right?

09 Aidas Birthday Party - A Great Outfit

Look at that dress!!!  It matches the theme colors and everything.

10 Aidas Birthday Party - A Team Of Helpers

Nida was absolutely the brains behind this.  She also did 90% of the work.  However, the weekend of the event a bunch of us showed up to help with the last minute details – the pom poms, the cupcakes, the photobooth, the setup, and the breakdown.  It made it way easier on Nida because she was able to handle the overall logistics, the guests, and the last minute things that came up.

– – – – –

What a fabulous party.  There were so many pictures from the event – and lots of great memories.  I even sang Happy Birthday over the sound system as Aida walked in.  The food was incredible.  And the people were awesome.  Oh, and can I tell you how great it is that instead of coffee in the hot beverage containers they have tea?  So great.  Make sure to check out Nida’s blog here.

Do you have any birthday party throwing tips or tricks?

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  • Nida

    Oh wow!! Loved every word of this blog. Thank you for coming, helping me out, and being a part of our family! So happy to feel appreciated and looking forward to see you soon. Thanks girl or as Faraz would say thank you girlie 🙂

    • You are quite welcome. You two were wonderful hosts for the weekend 🙂

  • + bhangra

    • Maybe next time 🙂 – that would be wonderful.