Greeting Cards by Request

We’ve reached a new level of my greeting card making.  We’ve gotten to the point that I am taking requests from people about making the greeting cards.  Recently I made three different sets of greeting cards based on very few facts that people gave me.  It was actually a lot of fun to take the basics and make something cool with it.  Actually, I equivocate it a lot to one of those really fun bars that you go into and you say I want something made with gin and ginger and that tastes refreshing – ready go?  (That’s my usual.  Any other gin drinkers out there?)  Check out some of my creations this past week:

The Request: Greeting cards that are red, black, and white

Red Black and White Greeting Cards With Flowers

favorite part: the way the flower compliments the cards
the challenge: choosing the right shade of red – some paper I had was too Christmasy, some was too burgundy, some was almost maroon


The Request: Thank You cards with hearts on them

Thank You Cards With Hearts

favorite part: I really love that heart paper.
the challenge: poking the fasteners through the paper without hurting myself


The Request: Turquoise and lime green cards

2013-03-24 Handmade Turquoise and Lime Green Greeting Cards

favorite part: the black photo mounting corners
the challenge: figuring out how to make a classy lime green and turquoise card

Fun, right?  What kind of cards would you ask for?

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  • Cate

    OMG my card is famous! I love my cards and I can’t wait to use them.
    Thank you so much my friend.

  • Brianna Soloski

    These are so cute. Also, I totally have that same heart patterned paper.

    • From a really cute large pack with all different holidays in it? 🙂

      • Brianna Soloski

        Possibly. I bought it a long time ago when I used to scrapbook. Now the paper and stuff is just collecting dust in a bag. I have a ton of paper, stickers, and other embellishments. I’ve been trying to sell it, but nobody seems to want it.

        • So disappointing. You don’t live anywhere in the northeast, do you?

          • Brianna Soloski

            I live in Vegas, but I’m willing to mail the stuff. I don’t think the shipping would be exorbitant. I’m asking $100 for the whole lot of it.If you’re interested or want to chat more about it, shoot me an email at briannasoloski at gmail dot com. I can take some photos and send them over, if you want.

          • I will think about it and let you know 🙂

  • These are so great. I’m so excited that you are a sponsor for the Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn. I cannot wait to see those cards.

    • Thank you, thank you!! I’m going to be making them and sending them your way soon. If you have any color requests, let me know!!

  • Those cards are awesome! You are tremendously talented 🙂

  • mel

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! And yes, please do use the idea for your 25th.
    Also, it was a pleasant surprise to see that you’re crafty 🙂 I work at a scrapbooking shop in Toronto and the Ranunculus stamp is our stamp of the month for April 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!

    • Awesome 🙂 – thanks!! Ooh, a scrapbooking shop – that sounds incredible – and dangerous all at the same time. Thanks for stopping by as well!