Planning my 25th Birthday Party

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel

I’ve been stressing out about my 25th birthday party.  And you know what, it’s over six months away.  I just want it to be awesome, you know?  And the last big party I threw was when I turned 21, and that was pretty great.  (Remember prom?)

Chrystina Noel 21st Birthday Party Prom

So now, for 25 I have to go all out.  It might not need to be better exactly, but it does need to be just as awesome.  I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do and honestly, I’m not set on any idea yet, and that means that no idea is good enough yet.  Here are the 25th Birthday Party Ideas that I’ve come up with so far.

Oh, and I decided I would use myself as a paper doll for this post.  Thank goodness for wearing short dresses in Vegas, right?  (Oh, maybe that’s an idea…) Actually, I just handed this dress over to my 21-year-old sister, because I can no longer rock this dress at 24.  Sad, but true.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Sock Hop

Have a Sock Hop

I LOVE the idea of having a sock hop.  Down to the thought of renting a big projector and having everybody watch Grease like a drive in movie and then completely rock out to 50’s tunes the rest of the night.  Honestly, I’d probably dress like a pink lady before I dressed in a poodle skirt, but this was easier to draw.  I just don’t think this will have the same draw that prom did.  Although we could swing dance… and Johanna did already offer up the milkshake machine…

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - 1920s Party

Have a Great Gatsby Party

I’ve thrown two murder mystery parties that took place during the 20’s/30’s/40’s, so flapper parties are no stranger to me.  And now that the Great Gatsby is back in style – well, actually, that might be the problem – that’s awesome because it means people are getting excited about it, but I now think that it’s actually overdone.  Although I could have people sing jazz songs all night…

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Host a Concert

Host a Concert

This was probably the cockiest idea I had.  I was going to host a concert, almost like a talent show for all of my friends.  I was going to open and close the show myself – almost as if to say “TAKE THAT KARAOKE”.  I think I’ve decided I’m not comfortable with the idea of MC-ing a concert for my birthday.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Disney Karaoke

Have a Disney Karaoke Night

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as his or her favorite Disney character and then rock out to karaoke songs all night?  Well, you see that’s the problem – while about 70% of my friends would have a blast with that, I don’t think the other 30% would be feeling it, and I would feel pretty awkward about that.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Ice Skating

Rent out an Ice Rink

There’s an outdoor ice rink in Philadelphia that you can actually rent out.  I thought this would be pretty awesome – get some old school music going and just rock out.  I figured this might actually be too tame though, and I’d have to look into whether or not you can bring/buy alcohol…

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Rollerblading

Go Rollerblading

I actually LOVE this idea a lot.  Do you know how to get to the closet rollerblading rink from Philadelphia?  You either go straight north into a not so great place in town or you stay on a bus an hour until you get to Northeast Philadelphia.  Neither one of these ideas is idea.  Also, please enjoy that I’m rocking bright green knee socks above.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Sports

Host a Volleyball Tournament

So, I have a lot of different factions of friends.  That’s right, y’all, I just pulled the word factions out of no where.  So I figured, maybe if I kept them together at first and divided them into teams they could play each other – then get a little alcohol flowing, and then mix up the teams.  There would be the coworkers, the church choir, the school choir, the home friends, the engineers, the RAs, the residents, etc, etc.  I just don’t know how into sports everybody would be.  Maybe there could be cheerleaders.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Go On a Trip

Go on a Trip

Alright, this option seems the lamest.  And I can’t invite everybody I want to invite.  And actually, I don’t really have enough friends that are crazy about spending large amounts of money to execute this.  So that’s kind of out.  Nobody wants to go on a 25th birthday trip alone.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Coyote Ugly

Host a Coyote Ugly Party

Please enjoy the fact that I made my stomach actually smaller than my waist.  I kind of look like a Sims character.  So, part of me (maybe it’s the Catholic Schoolgirl in me…) has always wanted to dance on a bar.  So why not choreograph it… to the exact dance from Coyote Ugly.  I bet I have some friends who would drive down from CT for this one.  Consider it a sexy flash mob.  This is assuming we don’t fall off the bar and die.

Alright, y’all, so what do you think?  There are a lot of ideas floating around.  I’m not 100% in love with any of them unfortunately.  The invite list stands somewhere between 80 and 120 probably.  I still need to decide how I’m financing this.  For prom I was still in college and felt okay asking people to contribute to the cost of the party (after all, you’re supposed to buy tickets to prom, right? – and it was actually a really good way to get a running total of numbers), but I’m not sure that’s acceptable anymore now that I have a big people job.  I guess we’ll see how year end goes.  And how much money tickets to India end up costing.

PS. If you need more ideas, check out these posts on more 25th birthday party ideas, party ideas in general, what my final decision was.

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  • there is no shame in asking for contributions. This year’s tour de franzia, I am considering asking people to pledge boxes (last year’s tour cost me mad money, and since I have so many trips and weddings, I simply can’t afford the same expense that I could last year). Another thing I do that works well is providing beer only and instructing people to bring liquor/mixers of their choice. People have so many varying preferences for liquor and since I don’t drink a lot of liquor myself during the week/outside of a party or vacation situation, it eliminates waste and reduces the number of half-full bottles that sit in my house. It also eliminates people complaining about or judging what you chose to provide. Additionally, because people are older now and have more money to themselves anyway, they will usually bring their preferred beverages without argument and even without you asking them to. Finally, I still keep a tip jar (as opposed to asking everyone for $x) – if people feel compelled, then it gives them the option to contribute anonymously without feeling as though they are giving you a handout, and more often than not, there will be coins and bills added over the course of the event.

    • All awesome tips, I’m going to have to keep these in mind as I continue planning 🙂

  • You are so creative. All of these sound like fun ideas as long as your friends are into it. Maybe do a FB poll asking your friends which party they’d want to come to.