10 Things I Learned at Texas Style Council 2013

I could honestly go on and on about how awesome Texas Style Council was.  If you happen to be free next March and are looking for something cool to do and some awesome new people to meet, you should absolutely consider going – whether you’re a blogger, or a brand, or a creative.  There are always so many things to learn and so many people’s stories to hear.  I think hearing the stories are my favorite part.  When other people tell their stories about things that have happened on their blog or with their shop it makes you think this can absolutely happen for me.  So inspiring.

2013-08-08 Mattie from Mattieology

Mattie from Mattieology

I’m going to tell you all about Texas Style Council in list form.

10 things I learned at texas style council 2013:

  1. When you read a bunch of other people’s blogs it’s really easy to capture their voice (instead of your own) – Jenni from Story of My Life
  2. When pitching a story proposal, give 3 ideas and a few sentences about each one of them. – Tolly from Austin Eavesdropper
  3. Go buy “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky, it will change your life. – Jessie from Style & Pepper
  4. Consider speaking engagements and awards to get your name or your brand’s name out there. – Lisa from Newton O’Neill Communications
  5. You should have a media kit to show that you’re serious about your blog. -Tieka from Selective Potential
  6. Create blog features and habits that make a better life. – Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess
  7. On Pinterest, 50% repin, 30% unique pin, 20%  self-pin for a good balance. – Moorea from Moorea Seal
  8. Russell+Hazel stationery is flipping adorable. – Danielle from Give the Glory
  9. Decisions are greater than excuses. – Mattie from Mattieology
  10. The second your blog starts making money, look into an LLC. – Emma from A Beautiful Mess

3 things I would do differently next time:
Take more real-camera pictures.
Research more of the speakers before attending.
Live tweet more.

3 goals that I now have:
Do a greeting card feature every week.
Feature some new blogging friends in some interactive posts.
A little rebranding, maybe with the help of Maiedae?

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  • That was a great recap! Simple, but an awesome summary of the weekend. Can’t wait to see the greeting cards!

    • Thanks, lady!! I’m excited to start making them more frequently 🙂

  • Virginia Lu

    Thanks for sharing the list, Chrystina!! I think I learn something, too! Hm…..food for thoughts! Hope your summer is going swimmingly well! xo