Party Hosting Tips from the Pros Round 2

party hosting tips part 2

I don’t know about y’all – but I actually managed to attend 4 different parties over Labor Day weekend – most of which were barbecues.  Needless to say, it was a crazy jam-packed weekend, but it was a blast.

Sunday, Tory and I went to a party at Johanna’s.  Honestly, I love throwing parties – and I know how to make to do lists – and I can entertain, but I’ve got nothing on this girl.  (You can recap the tips and tricks post from a party I was at last year at her house.)  That point can be proven by looking at her beer list.  Here are party hosting tips from the pros (round 2):

Labor Day BBQ Beer List

First of all, there’s a list.  Second of all, it’s sorted by location.  Third of all, it’s then sorted by brewery.  Fourth of all, there’s a count of how many are left.

She’s crazy and I love her.  Not only that, but she married somebody who rocks the party hosting scene just as well as she does.  The two of them make a great team.

I wanted to share with you three tips that I learned from her on Sunday.

BBQ Tips and Tricks

  1. If you want to buy a lot of different kinds of beer, but don’t want to be left a lot afterwards, split cases with someone – that way you can get two varieties for the same cheaper price of one case.
  2. If you have guests you will be there that are vegan or vegetarian or eat gluten free, label the food to make it easier for everyone.  I saw the food-planning list ahead of time and it was based around each of these options.
    2013-09-03 Labor Day BBQ at Johannas2
  3. If people bring something, they usually bring desserts.  If you have an option to make an extra entree/side dish or a dessert, choose the entree or side dish.
    2013-09-03 Labor Day BBQ at Johannas1
  4. Crock pot food is easy to cook, to transport, and to keep warm all day.  I’m kind of jealous of her triple slow cooker.  Not that I have a place to store it.
  5. JALAPENO POPPER DIP IS A MUST.  It’s in CAPS.  I feel that strongly about it.  Honestly, check out this recipe.  You will be everyone’s favorite person ever.

Did anybody learn any tricks at a barbecue this weekend?

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