A Goal Checkin

Holy goodness it’s October.  When the heck did that happen?  That means there are only 3 months left for me to complete my 2013 goals.  Here’s how the list looks right now.  I’ve got to tell you, I’m not sure I can make all of them happen at this point, but I’m going to try my darndest.  (This doesn’t seem to be a word)

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Accomplished goals:

Went to Austin and Charlotte.  Ate at three Steven Star restaurants in Philadelphia – Il Portico, Barclay Prime, Stella Pizzeria.  Redesigned my living room.  Watched 1/5 classic movies – Monkey Business.  Ran a 5K.  Painted my patio door red.  Bought boxes of design inspiration instead of a book.  Wrote a 106-page journal on my trip to Munich.  Volunteered at Philabundance.  Saw Chicago on Broadway.  Found a church that works for me.  Wrote 4 interactive blog posts.  Have taken more pictures.

Outstanding goals:

Go to Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, & India.

Watch 4 movie classics.

Go to a drive in movie.

See the Rocky Horror Picture Show live.

Make a quilt.

Sell something on Etsy.

Write 8 interactive blog posts.

Plan a BIG 25th Birthday Party.

Plan my blog posts ahead of time.

Make decisions that make me happy.

– – – – – – – – – –

I can’t decide if this is farther along than I thought I was going to be or further behind.  Either way, I’m glad that I’ve at least kept my goals in mind.  I’m even at the point that I’m starting to think about next year’s goals.  I wonder where that will lead.

Anybody want to help me make some of these happen?

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  • I really need to plan my blog posts ahead of time, too. We should be accountable to one another, haha. Maybe plan some link-ups once in awhile?

    • Maybe that can be a 2014 goal 🙂 – I have a feeling the rest of 2013 is going to be kind of… haphazard. However, we should chat about you guest blogging while I’m in India 🙂

  • What parish did you choose?
    If you want some b&w movie suggestions I listed some of my favorites there:

    • Ahh!! This list is perfect. I’ll probably go off of this for my remaining 4. Totally appreciated. It will also be easier around Christmastime.