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25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel

Well.  I did it.  I finally 100% decided on my birthday party idea.  I put the deposit down next week on the place I’m renting.  However, I’ve decided to keep that a secret for a little bit longer – you know, just so that I don’t jinx it.  Between when I did my last post on 25th birthday party ideas and now SO many ideas went through my brain it was ridiculous.  I think I had a new idea every week.

After my first set of ideas I realized that it might just be easier to rent out a place to have my birthday party rather than renting a space and then having to bring an event to the space.  So, if you’re looking to rent out a place, here’s the list for you:

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

For the past few years afternoon tea had been one of my favorite things to do in the winter with my girlfriends.  I thought about renting out a place to do afternoon tea for everybody, but unfortunately the cost was going to be too much for me to justify per person ($40-$50).  And we would probably need to be on our best behavior.  And who wants to do that for their 25th birthday?

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Brewery

Rent a Brewery

There are so many breweries around the Philadelphia area.  They give tours, they have open tasting rooms.  I thought it would be great to rent out one of the breweries and have all of the beer at our fingertips with music playing in the background.  Unfortunately, I never heard back from the breweries I contacted.  Also, they aren’t easy to get to by public transit.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Karaoke

Rent a Karaoke Bar

Yes, we all know that I have a fear of karaoke.  However, there’s no better place to do karaoke than at a place with a live piano player that can account for your mistakes and choose the key of the song dependent on the person.  Unfortunately, the karaoke bar I chose said they were going to be closed for renovations during the time that I wanted to have the party.  Also, I wasn’t sure that it was going to be a big enough space for everybody that I wanted to invite.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Movie

Rent Out a Movie Theater

Another fun idea was to rent out a movie theater.  There would have needed to be a theme that went along with the movie – for example Grease and have it be 1950s themed, or Havana Nights and have it be Latin dance themed.  So essentially there was going to be a movie and party component.  I didn’t look any further into this idea though because it didn’t seem social enough and part of me really enjoys when my friends get to meet other friends.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Concert

Hire a Band to do a Concert

This is different than my idea in the last blog post of having a concert.  I was actually going to hire a group to come sing for me.  I checked with the Pentatonix (who weren’t nearly as popular as they are now at the time) – and they were FAR too expensive – I would have had to decide then and there to elope one day.  I checked with Vocal Spectrum as well, and unfortunately they were busy that day.  It definitely would have been cool to be entertained for an evening though.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Speakeasy

Rent a Speakeasy 

This is different than my thought of hosting a Great Gatsby party, although I admit that we would probably dress exactly the same.  Great Gatsby was going to focus around dancing a little bit more and Speakeasy was going to focus a little bit more on the drinks.  The biggest problem with a Speakeasy party for me though was that most of the locations are small (40ish people) and I didn’t want to have to limit the guest list based on the size of the venue.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Speed Dating

Host a Speed Dating Party

This wasn’t going to be your ordinary speed dating party.  I was actually going to make my friends speed date each other.  Which sounds crazy, I know.  But it’d be awesome if all of my friends knew each other – because they’re all awesome people.  I was going to tell people they could bring friends as well so that there would be a new mix of people to add to our lives.  PS. That is a bell in my hand.

25th Birthday Party Ideas via Chrystina Noel - Trivia

Host a Trivia Night

This was probably my favorite idea.  I was going to host a trivia night.  I really hate going to quizzo nights.  I can’t remember ANYTHING about normal trivia, nothing.  So I was going to host an evening of Chrystina Trivia.  Things that are jammed up in my brain that are completely and absolutely useless.  And goodness gracious was that going to be awesome – Disney, musicals, and crafting, here we come 🙂

Not too shabby, huh?  There seriously are SO many ideas out there for party throwing that it’s hard to settle down on one.  Which one of these is your favorite?  Do you have anything else to add to the list?

PS. If you need more ideas, check out these posts on more 25th birthday party ideas, party ideas in general, what my final decision was.

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  • I love how each photos are edited 🙂
    Nice article.

  • I did speakeasy for my 25th and gatsby for my 26th and they ended up being very similar as far as the flow of the party, but overall both themes were well received. Whiskey, gin and wine were staples, and cute snacks. The only issue I had for Gatsby (26th) is that my landlord was redoing the backyard and it got behind schedule and wasn’t ready for the party – I had big plans for it, but instead had to settle for an unfinished and undecorated back room and no yard. With Gatsby, the decorations have to be more intense and flamboyant because Gatsby himself was nouveau riche; he flashed his money around to impress Daisy, but it to an extent that was borderline inappropriate for the time period. For example, the scene with colored shirts in which he strews them about the room – Daisy is thrilled by his riches but also somewhat ashamed because colored shirts are not proper and they are a giveaway that Gatsby does not come from old money. Daisy was concerned with money, status, and image, and everything Gatsby did was for her, but wasn’t aware of certain subtleties. With both Gatsby and Speakeasy themed parties, the whole point is to create an atmosphere and while the guests’ attire will be similar, the similarities stop there – Gatsby atmostphere is one of opulence and elegance in which debauchery is mandatory, whereas a Spakeasy needs to be seedier and darker, but debauchery is still mandatory. The color scheme I used for my Gatsby party was more gold/champagne/light blue.

    With Speakeasy, less is more i needs/is supposed to be a little seedy since it was a black market operation. One of the things that people used to have at Speakeasies were carnival like attractions because they served as a front and also enticed people to go, so what I did was paint a big tiger photograph and put it in the photobooth so people could take pictures with it. The color scheme I used for Speakeasy was Red/Black.

    Some people actually did wear the same outfits to both years’ parties – so it worked out that they didn’t have to buy new outfits, and the pictures came out nice because everyone was dressed up (only one person came underdressed, in jeans and a shirt, and they stuck out). Also, overall people really liked the whole “look classy, drink trashy” thing.

    • This is awesome. With such great detail. I’m sad about your Gatsby backyard situation though :/ Both of those parties sound incredible. I’m probably going to have to do one or both of those in the future. I wonder what you’ll do next time 🙂