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Love Actually is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  The other one is The Holiday.  That’s right, there’s only 2 of them.

There have been so many Love Actually links floating around the internet this year.  My favorite was definitely the Which Love Actually Character Are You? quiz from Buzz Feed.  The questions were actually really good.  I ended up being Harriett, which made me laugh a lot.  It’s a little bit more accurate than I would have expected it to be.  Take the quiz and let me know which character you are below in the comments.

The second link that I saw pass by this year was to an article called The Bros Who Love Love Actually, which focused on men’s favorite storylines in the movie.  It didn’t even occur to me people would have favorite different story plots, (Yes, sometimes I live in my own little world.  Specifically when it comes to romantic comedies.) but it started an interesting conversation between me and KP about favorite plot lines.

My favorite plotline by far is between David and Natalie.  I adore Hugh Grant and I think that Martine McCutcheon is beautiful.  I also love watching the sexual tension as it develops between them.  That being said, my favorite character is actually Karen, one of the strongest maternal figures I’ve ever seen who can even sew lobster costumes.

So clearly, me being me, I decided that I needed to take a poll of everybody that I could to see what their favorite plotlines were.  Just for a quick recap, here are the choices:

  • Billy Mack and Joe aka the naked rock star and his manager
  • Juliet, Peter, and Mark aka blonde Keira Knightly, her husband, and the unrequited love of the best friend who sets up the most awesome musical wedding surprise ever
  • Jamie and Aurelia aka newly single Colin Firth, the writer, and his housekeeper who spend the entire movie trying to learn how to talk to each other in two different languages
  • Harry, Karen, and Mia aka Professor Snape, his awesome wife, and that slut of a not-all-that-attractive secretary that he has (yes, it was just as much Snape’s fault as the slut’s, maybe more? probably more.)
  • David and Natalie aka the Prime Minister who dances around to Jump! and gives that great speech against Billy Bob Thornton and the absolutely gorgeous household staff member who serves chocolate biscuits and has a tendency to swear too much
  • Daniel, Sam, Joanna, and Carol aka Liam Neeson teaching the most adorable, practical, determined, and hopeless romantic son ever about life and love
  • Sarah, Karl, and Michael aka the incredibly hot Rodrigo Santoro who doesn’t say more than 5 words but is wonderful to look at and the girl who can’t seem to catch a break, but cares about her brother more than anything in the world
  • Colin, Tony, and the American Girls aka the story of a sexually charged British man with a big knob trying to get laid who finally realizes that American girls are way easier than British ones
  • John and Judy aka naked, but shy, body doubles who are rather adorable

I found 67 people to poll in my life.  I was shocked by the results.  I thought my biggest shock was going to be that everyone chose a different plotline than myself, but what I ended up finding out was that 24 people hadn’t ever even seen the movie!  That’s 35%.  So if you’ve never seen it, you’re not alone.  Of the 43 people left, 13 of them didn’t remember the movie enough to be able to comment on a favorite plot line, which leaves us with 30 people, only 44% of the people being polled.  Crazy.  So here’s my first tip of advice, if you haven’t seen Love Actually, get on that.  It’s a snow day, that’s what people do on snow days.

The favorite plotline turned out to be a three way tie between The Prime Minister, Daniel & Sam, and Jamie & Aurelia.

Love Actually Favorite Plot Lines

The characters decently followed suit.  The favorite character was David, played by Hugh Grant, followed by Sam, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster (who now plays the voice of Ferb in Phineas & Ferb).  Check it out:

Love Actually Favorite Characters

One of my favorite parts in asking people questions was that everybody started telling me their favorite quotes for the movie.  There was a lot more love for Jamie & Aurelia than I had expected, although I’m pretty biased against Colin Firth in general.  Also, confession, I totally left out Mr. Bean’s character.  He just bothers me too much.  EVERYBODY though yelled at me for making them pick just one plotline and just one character.

Where do you fall in with all of this?

  • Lauren