if I had $500 to spend at Target…

No, this isn’t a sponsored post.  I just really love Target.  So I gathered two of my favorite blogger friends, Jamie & Alison, to come together to see how we would each spend our $500.  Fun fact, we all also sang in choir together in college.  If you’re stopping by from either one of their pages, I hope you stick around a while.  Check out my about page & favorite posts, and maybe a few parties or greeting cards.

Here’s what I came up with.

(What I’m really saying is that mom, if you still want to buy anything… here’s the list.)

Things I Would Buy At Target

My big purchase was an air conditioner ($140), I have one now, but it weighs a million pounds and I feel like it sucks electricity.  The next part broke down into a few categories:

  • HOME ($88): Jersey Sheet Set, 2 throw pillows, and a snow shovel
  • BEAUTY ($76): a loofa, an eye lash curler, nail polish and top coat, razor refills, and lip balm
  • ENTERTAINMENT ($70): a football, smash season one, smash season two
  • KITCHEN ($59): a zester, a cast iron skillet, and a waffle maker
  • FASHION ($41): hair bands, a maxi dress, a maxi skirt, and ear warmers
  • OFFICE ($24): white card stock and a tape dispenser

What have we learned from this experience?  I practical.  Very practical.  I considered furniture, but I actually don’t have anywhere in my life to put it right now.  I also considered a triple crock pot like Johanna has, but it feels more like a big kitchen item.

There were a few things I was looking for that I couldn’t find (weird, right?) – I don’t know if they just don’t have it on the internet or they don’t sell it at all.  I looked for the Table Topics card sets, the game Carcasone, a laser printer, a red cookie rack, and fancy hair creams.  I guess I’ll have to go somewhere else.

Now, I highly recommend seeing what these girls decided to spend their money on.  Check out their pages below.

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How would you spend $500 at Target?

Click below to find out how these ladies would.

   Chrystina  Jamie  Alison


So tell me, how would you spend $500 at Target?

  • http://simply--a.blogspot.com/ Alison

    I love the practicality of your list! Also, it totally stinks to not have a snow shovel and need one. Trust me on that one.

    • http://www.chrystinanoel.com ChrystinaNoel

      Definitely. I noticed that.

  • http://doseofdash.com Dose of Dash

    I am totally on board with the waffle maker and the clothes. Not so much the shovel – haha!

    • http://www.chrystinanoel.com ChrystinaNoel

      Haha. My neighbor had shoveled for me twice now and I’m starting to feel bad. Sometimes being practical wins.