My Goals for the Week

Happy Monday everyone!  I figured I’d start the week on a light note – with some pretty eye candy and hot mess – as all good things should be.  This weekend I got the chance to go to brunch with three of my awesome friends in the city, our Christmas gift to ourselves.  

Meet the ladies 🙂

Brunch at Moshulu

For two years we did afternoon tea, last year we went to a gun shooting range (I still don’t really understand how that happened), and this year we went out for an all you can drink brunch on the Moshulu.  The food was pretty good, and we kept the drinks flowing the whole time.  Here are some other pictures from the adventure.

Moshulu Brunch1Moshulu Brunch4Moshulu Brunch5Moshulu Brunch6  Moshulu Brunch7 Moshulu Brunch9

Now you might be wondering, where exactly does the hot mess come in?  Well, first off, just from a visual perspective – my hair is usually a hot mess.  Even when it’s straight.  And that just always gives the illusion of hot mess.  See…

Moshulu Brunch2

I am partially under the impression that the bigger you smile the less people notice though.

So where the hot mess really comes in.  Last night I started thinking about my goals for the week.  Some people make goals like – wake up earlier, increase my utilization, or work out at the gym after work, or don’t drink as much with dinner this week.  Unfortunately, I’m a little bit too much hot mess for that.  All the time.  Especially after the past week.

Chrystina’s Goals for the Week

  1. Don’t forget to pack underwear.
    I’m going to need a second drawer soon for all the extra I buy on trips.
  2. Pack pajamas.
    Last week I designated a specific pair of work pants and a work shirt as pajama pants for the week.
  3. Don’t forget my license.
    I honestly can’t tell you how many times I walk out of the house without it.
  4. Don’t end up with a fever, sore throat, or any other ailment that I will need to go to a clinic for.
    Welcome to my week last week.
  5. Don’t eat anything that will give me food poisoning.
    Just when things were starting to look up last week.
  6. Don’t completely wipe out on slippery bricks.
    I’m glad my tailbone finally stopped hurting.
  7. Eat.
    Between sickness and food poisioning, I didn’t do enough of that last week.

Ridiculous, right?  That anybody would even need to write those things down.  Welcome to my laugh.  This time I packed for an 11-day, 2-city adventure.  Baton Rouge and Denver here I come.  I need work clothes, fun clothes, AND photography gear.  Can’t wait to see what I forgot this week.  Anybody got any guesses?

Oh, and just in case anybody’s counting, 12 days until the big 25th birthday bash.

Oh oh (that’s a thing), check out my New Year’s Goals feature over on Jenny’s page.  That’s pretty cool 🙂

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  • Those pictures are so pretty, and while straight-haired Chrystina is kind of shocking, you look beautiful! I’m glad you had a lovely brunch. And hey, goals are important. Underwear is even more important. Sometimes, I have goals that include “remember to eat” and “go to bed before 2 am”. Baby steps, right?

    I can’t wait for your birthday bash!!!

    • Haha – shocking is probably a good word for straight hair on me. I also agree that underwear is more important. Maybe your 2 am goal will be one of my goals next week 🙂

  • An all you can drink brunch sounds like my kind of weekend! xo

  • Excellent goals!
    Have a good trip!

    • Thanks, Joy! It was graet seeing you yesterday, hopefully we run into each other again soon!

  • I’ve never been on the Mushulu. Sounds fun. I will have to check it out. I predict you will forget your tooth brush or deodorant.