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Continuing the discussion of bridal showers (because it really does seem to be a hot topic these days), I wanted to share a few of the details from Sara’s bridal shower.  Her bridesmaids and family did an incredible job putting everything together to create a very elegant event.  If you haven’t noticed yet from the flower arrangements, the theme of the day was the color pink.  There were balloons all around the apartment.  Such a simple way to create both a fun environment and details at various heights.

In addition to the balloons, there were really adorable favors that we all took when we left.  My favorite part about them was that they’re thoughtful, and you know what, thoughtful doesn’t have to be expensive.  I think that’s one of the reasons I write this blog, to prove that thoughtful doesn’t have to be expensive.  Not only that, but they definitely stuck with the color theme.

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One of my favorite details of the event was these purple ribbons on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond boxes.  You see, the Bed, Bath, and Beyond that I went to had a gift wrapping option when you bought the gift – specifically, somebody else would giftwrap the option for me.  And you know what, the gift showed up in a white bag.  I don’t even think there was ribbon on the bag (note to self: put more ribbon on bridal shower gifts).  These gifts were wrapped at a wrapping station by the gift giver herself (with help from her husband).

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Today I am spoiling you all with an awesome paint graphic.  I made it.  I looked it.  It was awful.  And then I couldn’t help but share it.  Here’s how to make a poofy ribbon bow in three easy steps:

Making a Poofy Ribbon Bow


1 | snake the purple ribbon back and forth and tie the black ribbon around the center of the bunch
2 | tie the black ribbon tightly to create loops on either side
3 | poof out the purple ribbon

Anyway.  I just got completely side-tracked there and I apologize.  The same person who made the poofy ribbon bows also made very fun signs to go in the cheese plates using cut up paper and fun flowers from Michaels.

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Finally, one of mine and Marie’s favorite fun details is to add strawberries in champagne because it’s always delicious.

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The bridesmaids and family really went out of their way to make everything beautiful for Sara, which was really fun to get to experience.

What about the last bridal shower you went to, does anything stand out in your mind?

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