Making Bridal Shower Question Game Cards

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards via Chrystina Noel

I’m not sure if y’all are aware are not, but by far the most popular blog post on this blog is a post called Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game.  That post features a list of questions that my friend Marie used during a friend’s bridal shower.  She also wrote a post for me about how she executed the game called Bridal Shower Question Game, by MXK.

Sara’s bridal shower last weekend was the first chance that I got at making the question cards on my own.  I called Marie on a Friday night – or she called me – I can’t remember, and she was telling me her to do list and the question cards were still on the list.  As I was sitting in my room (yes, on a Friday night) catching up on Girls, I realized I could probably be of use and offered to make the question cards.  How hard could it be?

Marie said yes and sent me a copy of the color scheme I was looking to match.

Sara's Bridal Shower Favors Sent By Marie

I got to work the second I hung up the phone, and approximately 15 minutes after I started I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it was.  I literally went through over 20 itterations – all on the same few notecards.  There were rounded corners, pointed corners, and fancy corners.  There were stamps, ribbon, additional cardstock colors, watercolors, and markers.  There was white ink, blue ink, and black ink.

Here are some of my works in progress.  Can I call them works in progress if I never finished them?  I guess they’re just works.

Please note the four different corners on this card.  None of them really wowwed me.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 03

After Pinterest searching and finding this pin I attempted to make watercolor flowers in the corner of the card, but it didn’t seem like the right feel.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 04

I tried to make a really bold question word on the top and decorate it with flowers, but it somehow still felt too plain – even with the rounded corners.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 05

I tried to find cardstock with similar colors to the picture Marie sent to me, but it felt tacky once I was done with it – even with the rounded corners.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 06

I thought that I could keep it simple using markers, but couldn’t find the right shade of pink to get the job done.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 08

My roommate suggested that I pull out stamps.  I tried putting ribbon at the bottom.  And I tried finding a larger width marker to use.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 07

Once I started writing questions on my sample cards, I realized that I really liked the white flowers stamped in the background – it added a little bit of texture.  My roommate and I decided that the ribbon at the bottom was too much with all of the details.  The ribbon was actually my second favorite option.

Here’s a look at the final product.

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 09

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 10

Making Bridal Shower Question Cards 11

For a full list of questions, check out the Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game blog post here.

Also, I feel the need to tell you that if I were to do this again, I would try to make the cards into envelopes that could be sealed – similar to the individual cards that I made for everybody at my 25th birthday party.

I actually really enjoyed watching Sara answer these questions, it was fun to see which ones she worded the exact same way as Steve and which ones she had absolutely no idea about.  It was also pretty amusing that every time Sara got a question wrong she had to add a piece of bubble gum to her mouth, so by the end it was pretty hysterical.

Do you have any tips about bridal shower question games or the cards themselves?  I’d love to see what some of you have come up with!

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  • Awe my original comment disappeared.

    I like the one you ended up with. You really have a talent for this.

    • Oh no, my comments are disappearing? I’m going to have to look into this. Thanks for the compliment though, always appreciated!

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  • Margaret Cheek

    I love you idea and the cards look beautiful. I want to do something similar in grey and white for my sister’s bridal shower. It makes a lovely keepsake for the bride-to-be. How

  • Margaret Cheek

    Sorry, I wasn’t finished! 🙂 How did you record the bride’s answers on the day? Should I write it on the cards themselves or make separate cards for the answers?

    • Hi Margaret! I’m not sure we actually wrote down the Bride’s answers anywhere, but I think that would be a great next step (and fun to share with the Groom!). I would recommend just giving someone in the audience a pen and paper to keep track of everything.

      Also, I really love the gray and white color scheme idea.