An Information to Put on Invitations Checklist

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Writing invitations for a party is one of the easiest and hardest steps of party planning.

Honestly, it’s so easy to go on evite and fill in the blanks.  It’s always easy to write down the basic information on a sheet of paper.  The time.  The place.  The date.

Then you write it all down.  You look at it.  And you really start to think about it.  The party starts at 6:00, but it’s a surprise, so people need to get there early.  The date for the party might be June 2, but is there a rain date for the party just in case.  The place for the party is definitely Joe’s house, but you probably want to let people know that it’s the red mailbox at the end of the dead-end street so that they don’t have to guess.

There are so many details that can be included on that invitation just to make things easier – for both the host and the guest.  And you want to make sure that you catch them all.  (Kind of like Pokémon.)  And spell them right.  (Kind of like Leapfrog.)  And double-check them.  (Kind of like Santa Claus.)

I am definitely guilty of writing wrong information on an invitation and then needing to go back and change them all by hand.  Or email everybody individually.  Or text everybody individually.  You would think I would have learned my lesson right now, but somehow it just seems the more parties that I have the more mistakes that I can make.

I’ve made a handy checklist for y’all of questions to ask yourself when writing invtiations – wedding invitations, party invitiations, dinner invitations – it works any way you’d like it to.

Information to Put on Invitations Checklist

(Click the picture above to download.)

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