Bridal Shower Games: The Purse Game

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Two of the most popular posts here on Chrystina Noel are the Bridal Shower Question Game post, by MXK and its follow-up post Ideas for Bridal Shower Question Game.  These posts were written by or inspired by my friend Marie.  Marie has been a bridesmaid SIX times already, that number is ridiculous to me.  But you want to know what that means?  She knows her stuff when it comes to bridal showers, so I asked her to share another one of her favorite games with us here today.

How to put the FUN in BriFUNdal Shower: The Tried-and-True Purse Game

Hello everyone! This is not rewriting the book, just helping explain the book in regards to the Purse Game. I have a bit of street-cred for having taken part in planning/hosting 6 bridal showers so far (as well as gone to countless others). This game was tested and shown TRUE at a shower on Sunday, April 6, 2014 and it was a great success. See details BELOW if you want to put a little POP-POW into your friend’s next shower! Wooo!



Start with a list. You can find lists all over the web. We found this one.

Fancy an MC. Have a bridesmaid be the MC for the game. Preferably one who is not adverse to public speaking.

Gird your loins! Tell the guests it is time to bring out purses, wallets, or pocket books they brought with them.

Lay Down the Law. Explain the rules and keep it simple- An item will be read from the list. Each guest then proceeds to look for the item in their purse.

Uh, the Catch? The Catch for the game is that whoever finds the item first gets the point. (Yes! Can you envision it now? Mad scrambling for an item they KNOW they HAVE, but just CANNOT SEEM TO FIND-GOSHBEGOSH. Explicit words may leave mouths, and elbows may be tossed to neighbors in order to get the point first!).

Adding Aptly. As a bridesmaid team you can decide if you want to make each item worth a single point or if you want to have rankings of points depending on the item. Determine a way to keep track of points with either a note pad or if the group is small, remember who has what amount of points.

BAIT aka Cash Money People. We encouraged people to participate because we gave out 3 lovely prizes to the top 3 with the most points! We supplied 3 $10 gift cards to Sephora – but you can pretty much pick anything within your budget that is girly, and fun, and indulging, like Victoria Secret Gift cards or any other makeup/bath shops

Bridal Shower Games - The Purse Game 2

How Came Up with the Game: We are not re-writing the book and we did not invent this game. During the planning process it is one of the games that came up in discussion with the knowledge we have from other showers.

Why we chose it: Tested and true and SO SIMPLE. (I cannot emphasize that last statement enough.) Hostesses, all you need is the list and the prizes – the guests will (or will not) naturally bring their handbags.

Be advised:

  • Avoid telling guests beforehand that this game will be played (because then guests will bring their largest purse filled with all sorts of items and you will be playing for days). Plus the surprise factor also makes it fun.
  • Definitely have a list of tie-breakers (in case there are ties).
  • Bridesmaids can play (but not allowed to win – ahem, they have an unfair advantage since they knew they would be playing the game and could stuff their purses with the items).

The Conclusion: You know it is a success when everyone is laughing, talking to each other, and the bride even makes a point to tell you how much fun she had playing the game.

Thanks again for tuning in.
love and light, Marie

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