On Being a Grown Up

on being a grown up

A few weeks ago, Sarah of Yes and Yes started posting a “how to deal with  (blank) like a grown ass woman series”.  There have been series about romantic relationships, friendships, professional life, house and home, money and finances, and health and personal care.  Every time I read one of these posts I think “damnit, Sarah, I really didn’t want to have to think about that right now”.  Well, guess what?  25 is kind of grown as woman teritory.  I guess it’s about time I start getting on board with all of this.

Recently I have:

  • Set up an automatic direct deposit of some money from my paycheck into my savings account (as opposed to just my checking account)
  • Opened up a Roth IRA account – I couldn’t tell you too much about this except there aren’t any taxes that you need to put in up to $5,500 a year and you can choose a generic stock type mutual fund category to throw all of your money into and then hopefully forget about it and become a bazillionarie (that’s right, Dad, I finally did it, you can get off my back now)
  • Sent an email to my neighbors that I share a back patio with asking them to clean up the dog poop right when it happens (we’ll see how this goes)
  • Attempted to clarify the misunderstanding I spoke about in last weeks #1down1up (we’ll see how this goes too)
  • Spoken in front of a group of 30 new hires about the benefits of joining diversity groups at work
  • Sat down for a home-cooked meal with friends, cooked by my friend Brian made of salad, pasta, garlic bread, and ice cream.  A few of us are going to be taking turns cooking once every other week to make sure that we stay in touch.  We even said grace before the meal
  • Started a catch up email with friends from my most recent project every Monday to make sure that we can stay in touch
  • Been cooking instead of eating out – including making my own homemade chai (there’s a post on this to come)
  • Fixed everything in my house that was really a problem
  • Decided it’s time to open an Etsy shop, which involves doing more paperwork and getting more approvals than you could imagine, and
  • Started flossing

Now.  I’m no where near adult-hood yet.  Things on the list still include (1) find a primary care physician, (2) actually make a budget, (3) find an accountant, (4) learn more about leases, (5) take it easy on all this relationship stuff, and (6) find a workout routine that I can stick to – and I’m sure that’s not the end of it.  But I’m making progress.

What about you, what’s next on your grown ass woman or grown ass man list?  It’s probably something that I forgot on mine…

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  • I have a bunch of stuff on my list too. I should get a Roth IRA also. Fixing things around the house is one that needs to happen. I also want to understand the basics of stocks, since I apparently have some. Build a minimalist, good quality wardrobe since I’m still wearing the cheap stuff i bought right out of college. I’m pretty good about budgets and stuff, but I would like to get my life more organized since post it notes around the house arent really adult. I just orederd a planner and I can’t wait to start using it!

    • I’m super excited about your planner! There’s something about a good planner that’s so flipping gratifying. Probably the engineer in us, huh? I’ve also been craving this minimalist wardrobe thing. I’ve been slowly getting rid of things that I bought over the past 10 years and I think I’ve started to find some really clutch pieces, which is exciting. I might attempt a “my top 10 pieces of my closet” post – just to really challenge myself to see what I like and what I don’t like.

  • Molly Manson

    Being a grown up is WAY over rated.

    • Don’t worry, the second I get all this BS out of the way I plan on going back to being 12 again.