Dessert Party Ideas

dessert party ideas

Using “dessert” as a theme for a party is one of the best ideas I’ve ever brainstormed about.  I haven’t even actually thrown the party yet, but I absolutely love the concept already.  Why?  Well, there’s a few reasons.

  1. Who doesn’t love dessert?
  2. Dessert feels more casual.
  3. If you only serve dessert and tell people to eat dinner beforehand you’re going to save a bunch of money.
  4. There are so many dessert bar options.

Here are 7 ideas that I think would make for a great party – and a corresponding movie to watch for entertainment.

A Cookie Swap
Alright.  I admit it, I cheated on this one.  I’ve hosted a cookie swap before and I know that it works.  Everybody who comes brings a batch or two of cookies and then everybody takes home a tin with a variety of cookies in it at the end of the night?  You only have to make one thing and you get to enjoy the tastes of many.  People can even bring store bought cookies if they want… like oreos, which you can eat with peanut butter.
Movie: The Parent Trap

An Ice Cream Party
Not even just an ice cream party, but an ice cream sundae bar.  Buy chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and then as many toppings as you can think of.  Buy caramel, chocolate syrup, hot fudge (two different things), marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears, whipped cream, cherries, cones, bite size candy pieces – and heck, just for good measure add some Bailey’s to the end of the line.  Just make sure to share some with Sloth, he could end up saving your life.
Movie: The Goonies

A Cupcake Decorating Party
I love how easy this concept would be for the host.  The host makes the cupcakes, buys the frosting and the sprinkles and maybe a few gel frostings to write on the top of the cupcakes.  If you’re feeling really fancy, you can make your own buttercream frosting as well.  Maybe you’ll be good enough to open your own bakery.
Movie: Bridesmaids

A Chocolate Fondue Party
This is another super easy idea.  Not only that, but you can have all of your guests bring a dipping item.  All you need to do is find a double boiler and have at it.  Think about the possibilities, just use your imagination.
Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or Chocolat

A Dirt Party
This is another DIY food party.  I haven’t made dirt in so long.  How wonderful would it be cut brownies and chocolate cake into chunks and then provide chocolate chips, toffee, nerds, whipped cream, and gummy worms to all of your guests and let them go at it?  Don’t forget extra sludge.
Movie: Shrek

A Smores Party
Did you know that you can mass produce smores using an oven?  That’s what I would do living in the city if I was having this party.  But if you live in a suburb, the possibilities are endless on this one.  Think about all of the different kinds of chocolate and crackers you can use in order to find the best combination.  It’s probably best to not do this using candles as flames though.
Movie: The Sandlot

A Fruit Bar
For all of those people who are feeling inspired to be healthy, consider having a fruit bar.  There’s a place near me in the city called Honey Grow where they mix together all sorts of fruit and then sprinkle coconut, chocolate chips, or nuts all over it and then drizzle honey on top.  So simple, and still (moderately) healthy for you!  Just make sure nobody slips on a banana peel.
Movie: Billy Madison

If you’re feeling really inspired you could have a pie potluck and watch American Pie or The Waitress or The Help, but pie sounds harder to make than most of the things I’ve listed above.

Have you had any dessert parties that you know work well?  Let me know in the comments below.

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