A Card for a New Holiday

As I mentioned earlier this week, I got the chance to make my friend Lisa a card for the new holiday she invented this month.  It’s called “A book, a blanket, a day without work” – it kind of sounds like jingle when you say it.  I am so excited to be sharing this card with you today because it’s one of my favorites that I’ve made in a long time.  I had to wait to make sure that she actually received the card before I blogged about it though, and I confirmed last night at the October Philadelphia Blogger Meet-up that she had.  (More to come on that later this week.)

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make this card shaped like a book, because how else would you be allowed to read a card on this holiday?  I guess I could have made it a blanket, but shockingly enough, I don’t own a sewing machine just yet.

I used a pretty sturdy cardboard for the book covers, found some really pretty ribbon to put in as a bookmark (if I do say so myself), and I made sure to line the inside with patterned paper before putting the pages inside.  Check it out.

Card for Lisa Card for Lisa2

The hardest part of this card was gluing the inside patterned paper in and the pages.  I glued it in as one big sheet, but that means that it kept wrinkling and pulling when I opened and closed the book.  I started out using double-sided tape and then realized that was creating a hot mess of texture so I completely covered the thing in glue.  That seems to have done the trick, but I still think there was a different way that I could have gotten better results.

My favorite part of this card is the spine actually, I like the way the dark green contrasts the light green.

Have you invented any holidays that you need cards for?  Always up for a challenge over here.

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  • Ahhh this is too adorable. I absolutely love it!

  • Erin

    this might be my favorite one yet. love it!

    • Chrystina Noel

      Why thank you – and yay for being close in WITCH!

  • Erin

    also, I’m 2 away in 3 different directions from WITCH! so close!

  • I love it! I think the spine is one of my favorite parts too, along with the ribbon. It was so thoughtful & encouraging to have your support in giving myself a break!

    • Chrystina Noel

      Anytime 🙂 – next time you invent another holiday, I’ll make a card for that one as well 🙂