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cheese pairings with dibruno brothers

Last Thursday I went to happy hour at the DiBruno Brothers located at The Franklin.  Apparently they’ve been doing these happy hours since April, but somehow I only heard about them recently and there’s only one left on this upcoming Thursday, October 30.  They’ve been pairing with different alcohol distributers to host a great event revolving around cheese pairings and using the hashtag #3cheesethursdays.  I went back through all of the #3cheesethursdays posts and compiled a list of pairings they’ve come up with in the past 6 months.  And now, for your salivating pleasure, 35 cheese pairings:

Gouda Pairings

# Cheese Drink
1 Nylander Gouda
(sweet, sharp, complex, barnyardy)
Hazed and Infused Dry Hopped Ale from Boulder Beer Company or Trauger Pilsner
2 Hollands Family Cheese Marieke’s Gouda with Foenegreek
(soft and mild with notes of maple)
Yard’s Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
3 Holland’s Family Cheese Marieke’s Smoked Gouda
(rich and full-flavored)
DuClaw Hellrazer IPA
4 Marieke’s Extra Aged Gouda
(robust with undertones of spice, coffee, caramel, and toasted nuts)
Dobel Paloma: Dobel Tequila with grapefruit juice and a splash of lime
5 Foenegreek Gouda
(smooth, creamy cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor)
6 Big Ed’s Gouda cheese
(slightly sweet, rich buttery flavors of a French alpine cheese)
Barefoot Refreshers Summer Red

   holland's family cheese marieke smoked gouda pairings

Goat Pairings

Cheese Drink
7 Goat cheese
(honey chèvre)
DC Brau Corruption IPA
8 Goat Cheese
(creamy spread)
Victory Witbier
9 Monte Enebro
(lush, strong, & creamy goat cheese)
Churchville Lager

Blue Pairings

Cheese Drink
10 La Peral
(mild Spanish blue)
DC Brau El Hefe Speaks
11 Verde Capra
(beautiful creamy, tangy blue)
Neshaminy Creek Churchville Lager
12 Billy Blue cheese
(creamy, tangy blue)
Alameda Cooler: Hangar 1 Vodka with sage leaves and a splash of seltzer
13 Wildfire blue cheese
(cow’s milk blue cheese with a fiery heat)
Dogfish Head Ancient Ale Theobroma

billy blue pairings

Parmigiano-Like Pairings

Cheese Drink
14 Cravero Parmigiano
(medium-strong, hints of barnyard, and sweet tropical fruit)
DC Brau Public Pale Ale
15 Washington’s Crossing
(sweet, creamy, full, hinting at parmigiano)
Yards Tavern Ale or Boulder Beer Co. Buffalo Gold
16 Pecorino Classico Riserva cheese
(buttery & delicate taste with a slightly sharp taste)
Dogfish Head Ancient Ale Etrusca
17 Snowfield’s cheese
(distinct buttery flavors with notes of parmesan)
Barefoot Refreshers Sweet White

Butterscotch & Caramel-Hints Pairings

Cheese Drink
18 Rupert Reserve cheese
(deep, sweet, & full of butterscotch flavor)
1800 Coconut & Pineapple Juice
19 Coolea
(smooth and chewy with a caramel flavor)
Yards Philly Pale Ale
20 Equinox cheese
(young alpine style, smooth and nutty with notes of caramel)
Dogfish Head Ancient Ale San’tea

cheese goodness pairings

Cheddar Pairings

Cheese Drink
21 Keen’s cheddar
(cow’s milk, earthy, farmstead cheddar)
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale
22 Pasture’s Cheddar cheese
(clean, crisp flavors, finishing with hints of fruit)
Barefoot Refreshers Perfectly Pink
23 Cracked Pepper Cheddar
(full-flavored with cracked black pepper)
Clown Shoes Clementine Witbier
24 Garlic and Herb Cheddar
(savory cheddar full of herbs and spices)
Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet
25 Montgomery’s Cheddar
(savory, nutty & meaty cow’s milk cheddar)
County Line IPA
26 Saxon Creamery Pastures Cheddar
(fruity & crisp cheddar with caramel notes)
Yard’s Brawler

delice de bourgogne pairings

Other Goodness

Cheese Drink
27 Delice de Bourgogne
(whipped triple-creme with hints of mushroom and straw)
Sparkling Wine
28 Mobay
(delicate and rustic)
Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale or Dogfish Head Ancient Ale Kvasir
29 Humboldt Fog
(floral notes, herbal overtones and a clean citrus finish)
Unfiltered Wheat Beer or 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer
30 Pecorino alla Canapa
(rich, full, and buttery)
Boulder Beer Co. Mojo IPA
31 Tome du Pere
(funky cow’s milk cheese washed in Alsatian Pear Liquor and elderflower)
Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale
32 Gruyere Alpage
(gruyere made from alpine cow’s milk)
Southern Tier Pumpkin
33 Cranberry Jalapeño Monterey Jack
(sweet & tangy with some heat)
Clown Shoes Galactica
34 Brunkow Cheese’s Little Darling
(earthy, fruity, & nutty)
Allagash Saison
35 Carr Valley Cheese’s Mobay
(delicate, rustic, goat’s & sheep’s milk cheese)
Deschutes Twilight

humbolt fog pairings

Which pairings are you most excited to try?

If you happen to be in Philadelphia on Thursday, October 30, don’t forget to stop by The Franklin for Happy Hour.  I’ll unfortunately be in New York (rough life, I know), so y’all should definitely go eat enough cheese for me.  Also, this is not a sponsored post, I just really love cheese.

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