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One of my best friends from middle school, Kristine, has been staying at my house for the better part of a week. She’s doing med school interviews – it is absolutely ridiculous how different her life is from mine. I could talk about social media all day and she could talk about surgery all day – so different.

Sunday I hosted a blogger brunch at my house and she got to crash the party, and she commented afterwards how awesome it is to hear how other people think. Things like publicizing posts and editorial calendars and freelancing costs are things that never cross her mind, but they’re things we think about all the time.

So, in honor of Kristine, I want to take it back a notch on this blog today. We’re going to talk about how to follow a blog, how to find blogs to follow, and how to be a good blog reader.

how to follow a blog

If you already have a blog you like to follow, here are some ways you can follow along.

rss feed
You can use a site like Bloglovin’ or Feedly to follow lots of blogs. You select which ones you want to follow, and then it tells you when there are new posts, all you need to do is remember to check the site. They’re both incredibly easy to use, are easy to search, and you can sort your blogs into categories. To choose between then, honestly, just go to each homepage and choose the style you like best, one’s a little more country, one’s a little more rock n’ roll.

how to follow blogs - bloglovin

A Bloglovin’ Screenshot

how to follow blogs - feedly

A Feedly Screenshot

I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for two yeras, but now after exploring Feedly a little bit to create some screenshots for this post I’m thinking about switching over because there are so many display options, I can make all of the photos the same compact size and shape, and the blogs listed on the left have icons next to them.

social media
Almost every blogger has his or her social media links somewhere on their page. You can follow people on twitter, facebook, instagram, Pinterest, google plus, and more. With each one of these you will get different content created by the blogger.

  • On twitter you will probably get post updates, witty thoughts, and articles people find interesting with more of a day-to-day vibe.
  • On facebook you will probably get post updates and conversation starters – usually with Facebook people try to build a community that people can get involved with. This isn’t a great way to stay up-to-date though because the facebook algorithms are constantly changing and a lot of our posts don’t ever actually show up on your feed.
  • On instagram you can get more insight into a person’s day-to-day life, but in pictures – if you’re a visual learner, this is for you.
  • On pinterest, you will be able to follow the person’s style.
  • If google plus is your thing bloggers would love for you to follow them on there because that ups their seach engine optimization authority (because google pretty much runs the internet world) – and don’t forget to +1 their posts. They’re all cool ways to follow along with what’s going on in a blogger’s world.

directly to your inbox
Lots of blogs have an option to have posts sent directly to your inbox on the side bar, all you need to do is type your email address in and you will get new posts sent directly to your inbox, you won’t even need to go find them.

A lot of bloggers have newsletters these days, it is one of the best ways to get the insider scoop on what is coming next in their world. These opt-ins can usually be found in the side-bar or footer of the page.

how to find blogs to follow

Any time you find a potential new blog to follow make sure that you read through a few posts of the person to see if you like his or her style of writing. Then once you do that, add them to your list or follow them on social media. Potentially consider categorizing them as “blogs to try” though and moving them to a more permanent category later. You can check out who I am following on Bloglovin’ here.  Here are three more ways to find more blogs to follow:

rss feed search
Go to Bloglovin’ or Feedly and type in a topic that you like to read about, and they will tell you exactly which blogs talk about those posts. And if you really have no idea where to start, Bloglovin’ has a top list and Feedly lets you personalize your search using your social media accounts if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Once you find a blog that you like, there will be a follow button on each respect Bloglovin’ and Feedly site.

google search
Type any topic you want to learn about with the word “blog” after it into google and I assure you something will come up.

on other blogs
Bloggers love to promote other bloggers’ work, so if you find one blogger that you really like make sure to check out their sidebar ads or see if they consistently list any bloggers, they’ll probably be worth checking out if you have the same style.

how to support bloggers

be interactive
Bloggers love when people comment. It’s a thing. We get really giddy every time. It doesn’t get old, I promise you. You can just say hello, you can say that you really liked something about a specific post, or you can say that you’d really like to learn more about something – bloggers love that because it gives them new ideas of what to post about.

share their content
Every time somebody shares a post it gets more views, it gets exposure to a new group of people, and it has more potential of going viral. We love that. We put a lot of work into creating content and we would love for as many people to see it as possible.

read this post
Click here. I’m not going to tell your more about how to support bloggers when Ashlee did an awesome job about it over at Where My Heart Resides. Check it out.

Alright. To all those non-bloggers out there – any further questions?

PS. Every day this week I will be giving away a holiday card from my shop to somebody who comments on the blog post on the day it is released. Comment below for your chance to win. Today’s card is the Merry Holiday card. Have at it.

PPS. The winner of a set of 5 postcards for filling out my reader survey is Emily of Her Philly. We’ll be in touch, lady.

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  • Look at you hosting brunches, running shop experiments, and all that. You are like a blog rockstar right now.

    • Why thank you. I’m completely lacking on sleep though, so we’ll see how long I can hold out for. I’ve got a theory I’m going to crash pretty hard on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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