10 Things I Learned about Myself from TXSC15

2015-03-25 10 Things from Texas Style Council 2015

photo taken by the incredible Chelsea Laine Francis

Last weekend I went to Texas Style Council 2015, a social media conference based out of Austin, TX where 200 creatives took over a Girl Scout camp. It was about as awesome and Pinterest-y out of control as it sounds. I meant to write this post on Sunday night, but it turns out there were just too many awesome people to hang out with while I was in Austin to get my thoughts together. Now, unfortunately, it’s back to reality, but not without a recap of how things went.

The conference was incredible. This year it was more about meeting people and building genuine connections than learning about blogging. I had a feeling this would be the case from the beginning, which is why I signed up to be a volunteer. The most blog-useful discussions I had were in the dinner line Saturday night and while setting up the lights for the Jamboree on Saturday night, but that’s how it should be. That said, I did learn (and confirm) a lot of things about myself (some of them possibly more important than others).

10 things I learned (and confirmed) about myself from TXSC15

  1. It is not possible for me to sit still during the wobble. I must get up and dance to it no matter how exhausted I feel in that moment.  Also, getting to see Indiana do the wobble with her adorable baby Lucy all sorts of ergo-babied in was ridiculous.
  2. My brain has not yet been trained for motherhood (please see #1 where I refer to “ergo-babied”). That’s totally fine, but there was definitely a does-not-compute moment when I was handed part of an already peeled banana to pass down the table to hand to somebody holding a baby.  Don’t worry, another mother near me kicked into action.  Thanks, Mary.
  3. For Texas Style Council we had to choose whether we wanted to stay in a talker or sleeper cabin. I chose sleeper because at the end of the day, sleeping when you want to sleep is more important than talking when you want to talk.  I confirmed that this was the right answer for me.  Getting to go to sleep in a quiet room was absolutely perfect, especially after spending the day constantly surrounded by people.
  4. I cannot use a Mac for the life of me. I’ve grown up with PCs from the time I was born. So if I am the one controlling the computer, it will take me approximately 300x longer than the normal person to open a document that was already active. So sorry about that, Erin.
  5. I love making cards – and I’m good at it. Most other DIYs are kind of a mess though. Paper doll making, bow tying, bark decorating, and button design are completely beyond my normal realm of possibilities.
  6. When I say I don’t have the patience for a tedious task what I really mean is that I know if I start it my OCD will kick in and it will need to be perfect taking a really long time. I understand that those two thoughts are not remotely the same thing.  For example, bead painting.
  7. It is very easy for me to approach anybody with curly hair to start a conversation. That said, I usually start the conversation by mentioning how much I love their hair.
  8. I heard a lot of inspiring stories from women with a cause. Between listening to Bethany Joy, director of global customer engagement and community at TOMS, talk about their company’s mission; Kirsten Dickerson, founder of Raven & Lily, talk about how she got the company off the ground and her relationships with women artisans across the world; and Nicole from Writes Like A Girl talk about sisterhood I realized how important it is for people to have a cause. I’m still trying to figure mine out, but I’m excited to find it.
  9. Drinking four Honest Teas in a day is about three too many. I’m the girl who can’t have a cup of coffee without feeling incredibly off her game and somehow I allowed myself to have four Honest Teas (each one has the equivalent of ¼ cup of coffee).  Needless to say, by Saturday night, I felt pretty awful.
  10. I am a shy extrovert. I know to some people this doesn’t make sense, but in the truest sense of the word an extrovert is somebody who gets their energy from being around other people. Just because I get energy from being around other people doesn’t mean that I’m not nervous to talk to them. Big name bloggers, people who appear to be in cliques, and people I know from the internet that don’t necessarily know me all fall in the category of “makes Chrystina nervous”. Most of those I got over, that’s not to say I wasn’t awkward as hell while doing it, Lisa can attest to that.

What about you other TXSC15 attendees, did you learn anything about yourself you didn’t know before?  Or maybe you reconfirmed something? Either way, it was incredible to meet all of you and hear your stories. See you around the internets 🙂

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  • I’m so jealous! It all looked so fun and it sounds like you found out a lot of info about yourself.

    • Yeah, it was pretty good. Next time I fly out for a conference somewhere you’ll have to come with me 🙂

  • I kept thinking about you and wondering about all the fun you were having the whole time I was in Austin this weekend. It sounds like you had a blast, and that camp is gorgeous. 🙂 I stayed there for a weekend when I was a Girl Scout. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to go to this next year.

    • This might have been the last one unfortunately :(, but if it’s not, I definitely hope to see you there. I hope you had fun as well – even though we all totally and completely got rained on. Until then we always have the Badass Babes 🙂

  • Ahh so jealous you went to this! Did you talk to Jess Lively or Caroline Joy at all? I would have #fangirled so hard. And by the way, I’m the opposite of you: grew up with Macs, can’t for the life of me figure out how a PC works half the time. Makes me want to scream and kick it across the room. “What do you MEAN I can’t print ACTUAL SIZE??!?!?!” aaaaahhhhhhhhhh #MacsForLife

    • Haha, my moment was definitely. What do you mean that document is already open somewhere on the computer? If it’s open, why the heck won’t it show up?! I talked to each of them a little bit about the AV/presentation stuff, but unfortunately not too much more than that. Volunteers always had a lot going on. But really, the answer is just that I’m shy and would have had no idea what to say.