My Wedding Dress

And by wedding dress I mean the dress that I wear to weddings. (I fooled you, didn’t I?)

That’s right, I pretty much have only one dress that I wear to weddings these days, and here it is:

2015-04-09 my wedding dress

I bought it at an outlet store in Atlantic City 6 years ago. It has pockets. It always looks flattering. It allows for me to eat a hefty dinner, it’s perfect.

At this point I’ve been to 15 weddings – and I don’t think the mid-twenties rush has started yet. That said, I think I’ve worn this dress to a pretty decent number of them. That’s the great part about having so many different groups of friends, none of them every notice that it’s the same dress. (Until now, because I’m flat up telling y’all.)

This year I have five weddings coming up. I think I can get away with wearing my dress to at least four of them. That said, I somehow accidentally found myself on the Modcloth site yesterday at work and now I want to buy all of these dresses too –

Mod Cloth Dresses for Weddings

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

And no, this isn’t a Modcloth inspired post, this is me trying to justify searching through dresses for over thirty minutes when I will probably not buy one.

So what do you do, do you buy a new dress for every wedding you attend? Do you reuse them? Do you make use of your bridesmaids dresses to add a few more to the circuit? And for goodness sake, can somebody please tell me place to buy cute cardigans?

Help an engineer out.

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  • molly

    Love you you (seemingly) un-self-consciously used “y’all.”

  • I get a lot of cardigans that last forever from New York and Company. I also LOVE Modcloth! I am an affiliate for them even though I have a food blog, but hey it’s where I got my wedding dress! I’ll keep an eye out for sales and forward them to you when I see them!

    • Perfect 🙂 – I stink at shopping for accessory-like things. Putting outfits together is hard.

  • Chelsea

    Trade in the cardigans for a fitted blazer…instantly dressy and put together! Get one neutral (aka black) and one color and you’re set for most occasions. H&M is great for variety, cuteness, and budget.

    • This is an awesome idea. Thanks so much, Chelsea! (Things I would never think of right there.)

  • Getting a good cardigan or fitted blazer is easy at New York and Company. Its where I get most of mine. I have about 3 dresses for weddings. Kind of depending on the wedding colors. Really don’t want to match them.

    • Oh, that’s something else I should definitely be taking into consideration. That said, I would tell you about 70% of the time I have no idea what the wedding colors are. I’m not sure what that says.

      • Haha, if you ever get an invitation the wedding colors are usually on it

        • That is a super useful lesson. Thank you. (Things I would never think of right there.)

  • Kerry

    The polka-dot dress would be adorable on you, and the last one is gorgeous! Might not want to completely dismiss the idea of buying one 🙂

    • Look at you. Being a bad influence all the way from Connecticut. I knew I kept you around for something.

  • I have also confused some people lately when talking about my “wedding dress.” Every year, I buy myself a dress for Valentine’s Day, and then I wear them to all the weddings that year. This year I bought a cute red fit and flare from ASOS and had it altered. Love the vintage pink one you chose, and that purple one would look amazing with your eyes!

    • This is such a great idea. That way you get to spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day AND not purchase dresses for every wedding. I like it. I like it a lot.