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2015-04-28 5 everyday party ideas

I always have a lot of party ideas floating around my head at the same time. I currently have at least 5 ideas for parties and need 5 parties for ideas. What does that mean exactly? Well, there are five parties that I fully understand what the theme, purpose, and setup look like – and there are five parties that I either know the theme, purpose, OR setup for and need to finish figuring out them rest of them. Maybe you can give me a hand?

I get party ideas from everyday life inspiration. Anything that I really enjoy doing I think to myself – I’d love to share that with my friends. (It’s kind of the same way that every time I have a really great dessert I think to myself – I need to have that at my wedding. Alright, maybe that one’s a little less rational.) I have found that my favorite party themes are always the most ordinary ones. They take less effort from me to execute and less effort from my guests to prepare for. It leaves room to enjoy each other instead of worry about anything else.

There are a few ideas that are always flying around my head. It’s always a good idea to host a brunch or a potluck, and I’m constantly thinking about hosting another murder mystery party. In addition to the usuals though there are a few more parties that have been on my radar recently –

5 Party Ideas

  1. A trail mix party. This is a party where everybody would bring +15 servings of one particular item that goes in trail mix and then everybody would get to make their own trail mix using everyone’s ingredients for the week. Buy those really gigantic sized zip lock bags to give everyone, put something easy on the stove, buy a few beers, and it’ll be a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.
  2. A beer party. A few months ago I threw a wine party where we blindly tasted 10+ $10 wines and voted don which one was the best. I loved that party. It was simple, and everybody had a great time (a bottle of wine per person didn’t hurt either, ah the joys of living in the city and not needing to drive home). I want to play the same game with beer. We would need to limit down exactly what type of beer everybody should bring to try to make it more thematic, but it would give me a great excuse to try this cheese fondue.
  3. An afternoon tea party. Would you believe I’ve never thrown a tea party before? I personally can’t. Something sounds wonderful about making a bunch of scones, mini sandwiches, and mini desserts to share with your friends over an endless cup of tea. In order to simplify execution I would probably ask for help from guests with the mini sandwiches (savory items aren’t my thing), and make simple desserts like mini cupcakes, cookies, and rice krispee treats. Also, think about how cheap it would be to throw a party without any alcohol. (Although as I started thinking that I’m realizing it would be cute to have a bottle of champagne.)
  4. A pizza crawl. If you didn’t see Sara’s post on a pizza crawl through Lebanon, PA, you need to check it out. It looks delicious and I love how awesomely it was executed. The second I read the post I started making a list of pizza places in Philadelphia that we could play with. I currently have 16 on the list. Once I narrow it down (and find a free weekend day) I can start to execute this. I’m thinking about calculating the cost ahead of time and having everyone pay so that we can pay at each place in one lump sum. While I haven’t figured out how to factor in the people that eat way more than others yet I think it’s a good way to keep things simple and make people less likely to back out last minute.
  5. A vocal jazz party. I’ve been thinking about this party for so I was in a vocal jazz group in high school and I would love to get together with everybody to sing through a few songs and see how much we remember. I even have all of the tracks that we used to sing over. The only problem is that I can’t seem to track down a tenor. Sopranos, altos, and basses are all easy to find, but somehow the tenors seem to disappear after graduation. (Can anybody else confirm or deny if this is a common thing in the world?)

And then there are the ideas for which I have no party. Any and all suggestions are welcome for how to make these ideas more of a reality.

5 Ideas for Parties

  1. I would love to have a party that incorporates my roof deck. However, it doesn’t fit that many people, you have to cut through my bedroom and up a really steep ladder to get there, and I don’t feel comfortable letting people drink up there (because getting back down could be dangerous and the bathroom is so far away). I haven’t figured out where this leaves me yet.
  2. I would also love to have a party that incorporates my back patio. Recently my neighbor suggested we split the cost of powerwashing it and I’m so glad I did. It looks amazing That said, it’s probably the only time it will ever look like this and I should probably take advantage of this soon. Did I mention that it’s only about 10’x10’? And I don’t own a grill.
  3. I want to have a party that involves printing a fancy menu using Minted. There were fancy menus on our table during Texas Style Council and it looked adorable. That said, cooking tends to scare me so I would need something simple that sounds fancy enough to write on a menu. I also actually only have seating for about 6 people. Maybe this isn’t worth the effort.
  4. A summer solstice party. What does one do at a summer solstice party? I have no idea. But I’ve always wanted to throw one. It has always seemed to me like the longest day of the year should be celebrated. I just can’t exactly figure out what to do at the party. Sure, you can drink, but I feel like there needs to be a purpose. All suggestions welcome.
  5. I mentioned my $10 wine party earlier in this post. I would love to throw another one of these with $15 wines. I just can’t decide if people are going to be willing to front the money for it. (You have to buy two bottles of whatever wine you bring.) Or maybe every two people should bring a bottle of wine to cut down on the cost (and the drunkenness?) – that’s not super nice for single people though – they could absolutely bring anybody as a plus one though. That might work.

We’ll see how this goes. I always like to have a fully formed plan before I start executing, which takes half of these ideas out of the running. That said, I think my next free day is in June, so I can’t start planning for a while anyway.

Do you have any ideas for parties that you can’t wait to execute? Or that you’d love to see someone else execute? I’d love to hear about them below.

PS. Want more party ideas? Check out the party archives.

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  • Ok here are my incoherent thoughts: Maybe do a tea party on your roof deck to avoid all those worries. Tea parties are awesome I have thrown quite a few and am willing to share my secrets. For your back patio, you can buy a tiny charcoal grill for like $15, it’s totally worth the investment, you could have a dinner party type thing. Why would you need minted printed menu’s? You can have really nice stuff printed in small batches at staples. And I would totally be a guest chef if you needed one. I think people would gladly pay 15$ for a bottle of wine for a party. I would anyway. Also the summer solstice party sounds awesome! I picture small bites, and late night smores, summery drinks and sun dresses, I think a lot of these ideas are totally doable. k that about wraps it up.

    • There are a lot of good ideas in there. Tea party on the roof deck unfortunately won’t work – there’s just too many flights of stairs between the roof deck and the kitchen to facilitate that (4 flights to be exact…). However, the grill is a good idea – and you’re right baout the printed menus – not necessary, just super pretty. I didn’t know staples did nice printing though, so that’s definitely good to know. You know, the summer solstice party might just need to happen in a park somewhere. I think my problem is that I don’t have enough outdoor space to make it worth it. But I like the idea of small bites, smores, summery drinks, and sun dresses.

  • pajama moose

    How about a stargazing party on the roof? There’s lots of light pollution in Philadelphia, but the Google Sky app can help you pick things out even if it’s cloudy. Or camping on the roof?

    • Aw, that sounds fun. Maybe once it gets warmer I can make that happen. People kept saying I need to put string lights up there, which we can use after/before the stargazing to help set the evening mood.

  • Thanks for the link love! I thought about having everyone pay up front for the pizza crawl via paypal or something and then I would just pay for everything, but the problem with that is: either people underpay and you have to ask for more money or eat the excess of the bill, OR they overpay and you have to refund people. But, it’s an option you could look into. I REALLY want to come to your Philly pizza crawl!!!!

    Also, your wine party sounds fun and I would love to do something like that someday too. If you haven’t listened to the Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce podcast, you should get on it because they basically do that on every episode with different beverages. For example, last week they did a Rosé “shootout,” so they tasted 3 different ones and picked their favorites and also guessed which was which, because they did it blind.

    Third – you should TOTALLY celebrate the summer solstice because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!! #longestbirthdayoftheyear

    • Haha, loving the enthusiasm in this post 🙂 – you’re quite welcome for sharing, and you should definitely come. I’m good with having to pay people back. I like money and logistics. And I’m definitely going to have to check out this podcast. And yay for your birthday!! I feel like you must have an awesome party planned? (As a winter birthday person I always feel a bit gypped…)

      • I like money and logistics too!! Oh and you should check out the “and the winner is…” ep of TBASH because near the end they taste Robert’s dad’s hot sauces that I mailed to them. As for my birthday, I’ll be at the beach!! So you can’t really beat that. My mom will make something for dinner that I really like, there will be cake, and we’ll probably all get drunk at the beach house or go out to this kooky bar down the road. Either way, it will be amazing. 🙂

  • For the last two winters I’ve been wanting to throw a baked potato party. I’m not good at throwing parties or preparing food so it’s never happened >.<

    Also, I thought "parties for ideas" meant parties about idea-generation, like a #ladyboss party where people get together and talk about ideas they have for entrepreneurial adventures. or something…

    • Not gonna lie, that sounds like a pretty awesome idea for a party as well. I might need to add that one to the list. Also, a baked potato party sounds like an awesome idea! You can even make other people bring the toppings so all you need to do is supply the potatoes 🙂 – and if I were you I would totally tell a friend to get there early to oversee the potato preparation…. I’m not so great at preparing food either. I always get nervous (even when cooking for myself). (Desserts, however, I can make no problem at all.)