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2015-08-11 Good Karma Giveaway

a spicy ginger chai & apple of my eye bagel sandwich from Good Karma Cafe

Admittedly, the weird part about the title of this post is that I don’t even drink coffee. Trust me, nobody wants to see me on coffee. First it involves me talking uncontrollably for about an hour, then being super productive for 2 hours, and then spending the rest of the day (and evening) with my heart feels like it’s pounding out of my body. Instead, I’m a tea drinker. More specifically, chai. If it were up to me I would start absolutely every day with a chai. And my default location in this city for chai is Good Karma Cafe. There are two different chais believe it or not – a spicy ginger and a honey vanilla. I highly recommend the spicy ginger.

Today’s post is inspired by Jessica Lawlor’s post “If We Were Having Coffee Right Now…” (which was inspired by Amber). Except guess what, y’all? We’re drinking chai.

If we were having chai right now I would tell you for the first time in a while I feel settled. I’ve been in the place I’m living for three years, I feel really solid in my relationship, my work schedule is consistent, and I have a group of friends to call when I want to do something on the weekends. I haven’t had that in a long time. There’s also a small part of me that’s nervous that I’m about to get antsy, which might involve a hair change.

If we were having chai right now I would tell you that I spent far too much money in the past month. I have bought about $800 worth of new camera equipment (that I still need to learn how to use), my new computer pieces, two airline flights (and two more to come – oddly, they’re all to the south), more gifts than usual, sneakers to walk to work in, and a bunch of odds and ends I’d been feeling anxious about not having. Granted, I’m going to feel a million times better when I open the cabinet and find tupperware inside of it.

If we were having chai right now I would tell you that I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Finally. I want to throw out everything. Last night I went through my craft supplies and found 6 more small bags of stuff to give away. I’m not following her method exactly (for example I probably should have started with clothes, but instead I started with glassware & crafts), but I like that I’m feeling inspired to get rid of stuff. It’s also helping me focus a lot on buying the right things when I do stop as opposed to the sale things or the things I want in that moment.

If we were having chai right now I would tell you I have my eye on this Kelly Moore camera purse, but can’t quite justify pulling the trigger on a $250 purse yet. Also, when I went shopping this weekend, I was coveting this Crate & Barrel table, but I can’t quite pull the trigger on a $700 table that I’m not even going to eat off of just yet (it’s for my living room).

If we were having chai right now that when my parents came to visit this weekend they helped me clean my living room, which was much needed. It’s a room that has been stressing me out every time I have walked into it for the last three years. My parents sat on my couch and helped answer questions that frustrated me to answer alone (my mom also washed my rug, which was very nice of her, thanks mom!). Looks like no matter how old you are you still need a little help from your parents.

If we were having chai right now I’d tell you that my calenar is starting to look insane up until November. Between weddings, birthday parties, and travel I have almost every weekend book. Anybody want to start taking bets on the day I burn out? The over/under is Tuesday, October 6.

If we were having chai right now we’d probably have to mention that the Pope is coming to Philadelphia because no matter who you’re talking to right now (Catholic or not) it always has to come up at least once a conversation. Between the public transit plans, the fence that’s going to be built in the city, the choir that people are auditioning for, the work-contingency plans schools and companies are developing, and the amount of money people are able to rent their homes out for during that week everybody’s got something to say. As for what I’m going to do? I still haven’t figured out if I will be in town that weekend, there may be a bachelor party in New Orleans I’ll be attending that weekend. These are very similar things.

What else would we talk about? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Good Karma $20 Gift Card. Admittedly, I will be jealous of the winner, but have a chai for me (only if you like chai).

This giveaway closes Tuesday, August 18.

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  • Hahaha. We would most definitely talk about the Pope. You had me laughing out loud there. I think I’m headed down to Virginia to check out some wineries and just ESCAPE. And I love that you chose a) chai and b) Good Karma Cafe. I am learning that you are my type of gal! Their lavender drinks are ALWAYS on my list when I go there, but chai is a close second.

    • Very nice – I’m not a lavender/rose/flower-flavoring girl, but I definitely know a lot of people who are. And yes, wineries are a way better choice for that weekend.

  • There are actually innumerable kinds of chai. My favorite right now is Masala Chai from TWK where we had lunch that one time. Also I’m taking the under on October 6th. You’ve got a lot going on lady! Also I am loving the Life changing magic of tidying. Seriously motivating!

    • Truth. Also, yes. My favorite kind of chai is masala chai as well actually. A friend bought some tea for me from India once and now I make my own at home – it just takes 25 minutes and I need to have milk in the house. You’ll need to come over for a cup though 🙂


  • Lisa

    I miss you! Let’s get Dock Street or Lil Pop Shop soon, when you have time. “If we were having pizza right now, I’d tell you…”

    • Oooh, I like the sound of that a lot. Looking at my calendar now…

  • I really like this theme. I may copy ot too. Not sure what Id be drinking though as I am not a coffee or tea drinker. I guess Id say if we were having cocktails.

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  • Isn’t this such a fun way to post?! I think I’m overdue for a coffee date. Maybe I’ll bring one back for the fall 🙂

    Ah, the Pope. Of course, we would chat about it- I feel like it is all we talk about at work these days!