6 Cheese Accoutrements

6 cheese accoutrements cover

I have written a lot of posts about wine in the past few years of blogging. It has quickly become one of my favorite topics to learn about. I have been attending wine tastings, I have hosted wine-themed parties, and at the end of a long day my drink of choice is a glass of wine. I’m 95% sure this love of wine came from Tria.

I discovered Tria a few years into my Philadelphia adventure. They have wine, beer, cheese, food, and dessert. What else could a girl need? I have discovered some of my favorite cheeses at Tria, most notably the Delice de Bourgogne. Their menu also have exquisite descriptions for every item so that you feel like you’re living in luxury as your selecting your dinner.

One thing I didn’t know I was going to learn more about was how toΒ serve cheese. Each plate of cheese they serve has wonderful accoutrements on it that really enhance the cheese experience. (Yes, I just said that.) So I wanted to share a few with you today so that you can make sure to try them during your cheese adventure as well.

6 cheese accoutrements

If you haven’t been to Tria yet (and you’ve been to Philadelphia) you’re missing out. But lucky for you Tria has donated a $50 giftcard to give away to one of my wonderful readers in honor of my 4th Blog Birthday. That’s right $50. Do you know how much deliciousness you can get with that? So much. Especially if you go during Sunday School. (One wine, one beer, and one cheese are marked down in price on Sunday evenings and you can get one of each of them per person.)

This giveaway closes Thursday, August 20.
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  • Figs, both dried and fresh are my favorite cheese accoutrement, when I can’t get ahold of either a good fig jam does the trick as well. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

    • OOh, yes, fig spread is delicious. I’ll have to try it with real figs though, that sounds tasty.

    • pajama moose

      I like fig spread, too! Also, quince paste. Especially with manchego.

      • Quince paste. I’m going to have to do some research on this one πŸ™‚

  • Lisa

    I like my cheese with… more cheese. And sometimes honey. πŸ™‚

    You are killing it with these blog birthday giveaways! Happy blogbirthday to you!! xo

    • Alright. You win. You’re right. There is no better way to have cheese other than with more cheese. Thank you!!!

  • Honey & apples! There is a cheese plate at Amada that I have always wanted to recreate – amazing.

    • I feel like I should go in search of this cheese plate you speak of…