Party Ideas to Make your Party Extra Special

I recently got the chance to attend an incredible first birthday party in Atlanta. In all honesty, this is a continuation post of this incredible first birthday party. I’m always in awe of what a little hard work and creativity can get you. One day when I have more space I will definitely be implementing some of these suggestions. Here are some party ideas and tips to make your event a little bit more special.

Hang a Photo for Everyone to Sign

When your guests arrive have a photo of the guest of honor or a guest book for everyone to sign, this way you will always be able to browse through the memories of the day of the event and remember who was there to share it with you.

Design a Really Snazzy Cake

First Birthday Party 03

Need I say more?

Stick to the Theme

The theme of the party was royalty, hence the royal blue and gold. The immediate family members had royal names, there was a ceremony that the guest of honor was brought in during, and there were royal decrees on all the tables to tell the guests what activites they could be participating in throughout the evening.

Have a Smore’s Bar

The smore’s bar was a huge hit with everyone (not just the kids). We unwrapped bunches of mini hershey bars in preparation for the big day and then laid the other ingredients out. The container with the sternos in it is made of wood, painted gold, and then filled with marbles to keep the sternos from falling. (And in case you were worried about safety Sterno, The Kitchn seems to have found some evidence that it’s okay.)

First Birthday Party 02

First Birthday Party 08

Create a Selfie Booth

This one I’d never seen before. I’d heard of photobooths, but selfie booths were a new item for me. Not only that, but the party hostess found an awesome tutorial on how to create the booth, chevron style. All you need is three different colors of tinsel fringe and some patience. My suggestion? Don’t overcut the first time because you won’t be able to get it back. Oh! And don’t forget the selfie stick!

First Birthday Party 04

Wear a Really Pretty Dress

And when all else fails. (Or succeeds.) The answer to everything is to wear a super pretty dress. (I’m still pretty jealous of this one.)

First Birthday Party 09

I hope you got some great ideas for your next party today. I seriously learn so much every time I go down to visit my friends in Atlanta about what it takes to throw an epic party. I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve now. Do you have any fun party suggestions you’ve seen recently?

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  • I absolutely love this list. I do a lot of these for my Halloween party every year! I always make sure to have a photo booth of some sort because it was such a huge hit after the first year. I also added s’mores to the regular menu two years ago after we all lamented around 11:30 p.m. the year before how much we wished we had supplies. This year I’m going to snag some ghost Peeps to use! 🙂

    • Ooh, ghost Peeps sound perfect! Also, have I mentioned you can mass produce smore’s when you really need a fix for a large group at the same time? With a broiler. It’s brilliant.

  • Have a contest. Sometimes I think the only way to get more people to participate in whatever the theme is, is to tell them they win an awesome prize (bottle of nice booze with my friends) for best costume, or impression or whatever. I also find that having a game like cards against humanity, scatagories or heads up on hand is a great way to keep the party going when things slow down.

    • A contest is a wonderufl idea. It’s always fun to see how competitive people get. And you’re right, a good bottle of booze would totally work with my friends too 🙂

  • This is a great list. I like the sefie station the best. My 2nd fav is tha great party dress 🙂

    • Truth. I seriously need a royal blue ballgown in my life.

  • Chelsea Finn

    I love love love this list. The guest book idea is so cute! I did that at my graduation party and it is so fun to look back at. Also, I can never resist a super cute selfie booth! And a smores bar!? Amazing.

    xx Chelsea

    • Thanks so much! I did a guest book at my 21st birthday party and it’s fun to go back and read through to remember who was there (and who was dating who at the time).

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