Celebrating like Dad

Hi friends! Today is a big day of celebration! Why, you ask? Because today is my dad’s birthday! It’s one of those milestone birthdays too, so it’s kind of a big deal. So in honor of his birthday (and while still brainstorming what I’m going to be doing for mine this year) we’re going to talk about 4 ways you can celebrate your birthday, Chrystina’s dad style.

Dad's Birthday 1

Play with Toys

What does this mean for my dad? Flying his drone, driving, using a new camera, or installing some new piece of technology somewhere (think Mr. Dink from Doug). I mean, he’s the reason we all ended up addicted to N64 in the early 2000s – and Ms. Pacman.

Buy a New Toy

This is why my dad is so hard to buy gifts for, because if he wants a new toy he’s going to go buy a new toy. (You can read these two posts on how impossible he is to buy for here… and here.) So think about something you’ve really been wanting, and splurge because it’s your birthday.

Dad's Birthday 2

Bake a Cake

My dad’s dad was a baker, so my dad actually has some pretty legit baking skills from back in the day – my favorite cake he makes is his German Chocolate Cake. Although his vanilla bean rice pudding is pretty delicious as well. Find a new recipe or something you’ve really been craving and make it happen.

Treat Yourself

I’m pretty sure I get this from my dad. I find it completely acceptable to stop on the way home from work to buy a cupcake, a hot fudge sundae, or some bubble tea. (He’d probably pass on the bubble tea.) But my dad and I are two of the few people I know who are on a first name basis with the owners of their favorite cupcake shop.

Dad's Birthday 3

Play a Game

So, my dad hates board games. He finds them boring. No pun intended. That said, he definitely appreciates a thought-provoking game of chess, an afternoon at the bowling alley, or a round of Tiger Woods Golf. Choose a game, find a partner, and make it happen.

Go to Dinner

This comes with the treat yourself category. My dad has a favorite restaurant in every city he’s ever been to, we’ve purposely sought out some pretty specific restaurants over the years – The Magic Time Machine and Houston, TX; Red, Hot, and Blues in Maryland; and Jekyll & Hyde in New York City. And if you’re wondering what his Philadelphia restaurant is? It’s Moshulu.

Dad's Birthday 4

Plan a Trip

I’m pretty sure this comes with the Life of a Consultant territory. My dad was a consultant, now I’m a consultant – traveling is what we do. If there’s somewhere you want to go, book a trip! (Which my dad has definitely done with or without any companions – props to him for solo traveling.)

Aside – I remember when I was around 12-years-old and I had slept through my parents going to breakfast on vacation and my dad told me I should go down and get breakfast alone because it said a lot about a person if I could go eat on my own without any company or entertainment. So I did. And from that day I’ve never thought twice about heading to a restaurant to eat alone.

Take a Nap

I mean, I did say it was a milestone birthday, right? Just kidding. I think this sounds like a glorious way to spend a birthday. What I would give for a nap most days. And if it’s your birthday you can even continue to hog the television while you’re taking that nap, otherwise it’s poor form.

And that’s it, 8 birthday ideas inspired by my dad. Dad, I hope you get to do all of them today.

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